Welcome to our West Midlands NHS Rehabilitation Clinic

We are one of the largest centres for prosthetic and specialist orthotic rehabilitation within the UK, covering the entirety of the West Midlands from Stoke to the border of Wales. We are experts in our field providing a vital service for our patients, with expertise from staff of over 45 years’ experience.

Our prosthetic service is for anyone requiring rehabilitation due to limb loss, following surgery or from congenital deformity, that may benefit from provision of an artificial limb (prosthesis). We provide a dedicated service for both upper and lower limb loss arising from trauma, disease or congenital limb deficiencies and also provide paediatric and specialist clinics.

The Orthotics Service provides both Adult and Paediatric Services and provides both Upper and Lower Limb orthoses based on assessment by the appropriate members of the multidisciplinary team, usually an orthotist and a physiotherapist. We also provide Dynamic Lycra Splinting, Serial casting and a Consultant led Clinic.

Referral Process


A referral is normally made by your hospital consultant, but your GP or any other health care professional can refer you to our service. The multidisciplinary team (rehabilitation consultant, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, prosthetist and counsellor) will assess you for a prosthetic limb and if suitable you will begin pre prosthetic rehabilitation before being measured for your prosthesis.

Patients can be referred by completing our referral form.


Patients can be referred by completing our referral form. Referrals are reviewed and prioritised on a weekly basis

Referrers may be contacted for further information or with advice to redirect the referral to a more appropriate service if appropriate.

Referrers can contact the department to discuss potential patients if they are unsure if they meet the access criteria