Welcome to our Newcastle NHS Clinic

The Disablement Service Centre is based in the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne . Blatchford provides the Prosthetics  service based within the Disablement Services Centre. We have a fully equipped prosthetic workshop on site with skilled technicians that manufacture bespoke Prosthetic devices. The Blatchford team work alongside the NHS team consisting of Specialist Consultant in Amputee Rehabilitation, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Specialist Nurses and Rehabilitation Assistants as well as support staff. 

A consultant led MDT (multidisciplinary team) prosthetic rehabilitation service to amputees and people with congenital limb loss. We provide services for all amputation levels (upper and lower),  adults and children.  In addition the centre deals with pain management, wound healing and health screening to prevent further limb loss. There is also counselling available on site. We will provide, manufacture and maintain your prosthesis and assist with your rehabilitation. 

The Prosthetics department is equipped Rodin CAD system for production of digital models. We provide services for all amputation levels in adults and children. The service provides prosthetics to the North Cumbria area and accepts out of area referrals from NHS Scotland, South Cumbria, The North East of England as well as further afield. 

Referral Process

Patients are normally referred to the service by hospital surgical teams after amputation. GPs and other healthcare professionals can also refer patients to us. 

We will work with you and your family to provide the highest quality care and help you to achieve the best possible results. We will involve you in all decisions made around your rehabilitation. 

Once you have been referred to us, you will be assessed by our team. If you are given an artificial limb, you will remain our patient for as long as you wear the limb. 

Our service includes providing, maintaining, and repairing artificial limbs. You can ring us to make an appointment to see your Prosthetist or any other member of the team whenever you need to. 

Patients should make an appointment once a year to have the prosthesis checked.