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Community Support & Resources

Where Can You Get Emotional Support During Your Journey?

Your Prosthetist and clinic will be able to offer connections to trained peer mentors who have successfully recovered and rehabilitated following amputation and want to share their knowledge.

We as a company, also offer the experience and advice from our Blatchford Ambassadors of Mobility (BAM!). They have been Ambassadors of Blatchford for months or years and want to share their personal experiences with others on the same journey.

If you are struggling to feel better emotionally or are feeling overwhelmed or alone before/during/after your amputation, professional help can make a big difference. You can get names of mental health professionals from your GP or via the NHS website.

Industry Resources & Partners

Blatchford is committed to creating a prosthetic community that is built on information sharing. The following resources and links are for both amputees and the healthcare professionals that serve them:

Patient Advocacy

A network of patient advocacy groups is available throughout North America to provide amputees with prosthesis guidance, educational, financial and emotional support.

Non-Profit Amputee Organisations 


LimbPower - Living life without limbs    www. limbpower.co.uk




Steel Bones   www.steelbone.co.uk 






Advice & Tips

Adjusting to your new device can be challenging. We provide you with expert suggestions from fellow amputees: