Welcome to our Carlisle Cumbria NHS Clinic

The Specialist Rehabilitation and Mobility Centre is based in the Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle which is part of the North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Trust. Blatchford provides the Prosthetics and Orthotics within the SMRC. We have a fully equipped prosthetic and Orthotic workshop on site with skilled technicians that manufacture bespoke Prosthetic and Orthotic devices. The Blatchford team work alongside the NHS team consisting of Specialist Consultant in Amputee Rehabilitation, Physiotherapists, an Occupational Therapist and a Rehabilitation Assistant as well as support staff.

The Prosthetics department is equipped with rehabilitation gym, gait analysis and Rodin CAD system for production of digital models. We provide services for all amputation levels in adults and children. The service provides prosthetics to the North Cumbria area and accepts out of area referrals from NHS Scotland, South Cumbria, The North East of England as well as further afield.

Satellite Clinics

Blatchford also provide the Orthotic service for North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS and the Orthotists specialise in a range of conditions and treatment pathways, including diabetic management, paediatric care and musculoskeletal assessment. The Orthotists are fully integrated into local Multi-Disciplinary Teams and attended weekly paediatric, neuro and diabetic specialist clinics.

This site covers several sites, including Cumberland Infirmary (01228 814922/ 814715), West Cumberland Hospital (01946 693181), Penrith Hospital (01768 245555), and Workington Community Hospital.

Referral Process

In order to be seen by the Prosthetic & Orthotics service, we require a referral, either electronic or written, from a recognised healthcare. For example, this could be a GP, Physiotherapist,  Consultant or Podiatrist. We then triage all referrals for an appointment with an Orthotist. This could be as an inpatient on one of our hospital sites, or as an outpatient.