Microprocessor knees to be funded through the NHS in the UK

Posted on 07 December 2016

Orion3 Mpk Nhs Funding

The recent announcement of the government’s decision to approve funding for microprocessor controlled knees (MPK) will come as good news to many above knee amputees. The funding will mean that eligible patients will now be able to access an MPK through their NHS Rehabilitation Centre. Find out more about Blatchford Microprocessor Controlled Knees.

Why is Microprocessor Control beneficial?

The human leg performs an incredible amount of functions that most people don’t need to consider in their daily lives. Things like changing walking speed, standing still, avoiding a fall after tripping, walking down stairs and slopes and even switching from grass to gravel surfaces– all of these things rely on our knee’s ability to adjust its resistance to the weight of the body whilst remaining perfectly balanced.

A Microprocessor controlled knee uses inbuilt sensors to replicate these functions, enabling an amputee to walk more naturally across various terrains. It allows them to use both the prosthetic and intact limb equally so they can avoid overuse injuries. And most importantly it gives the user confidence to take on daily life.

What is available?

Orion3 from Blatchford is an intelligent microprocessor knee with Smart Programming which means the knee can be calibrated to each user based on their walking speed and gait cycle. It is suitable for activity 2 to 4 amputees who would benefit from stability on different terrains, slopes and steps and for those wishing to walk naturally and efficiently at either single or varying speeds.

The safety and stability of Orion3 encourages users to evenly distribute their weight, offloading their sound side and lower back to reduce aches and pains commonly reported by amputees.

Patient Stories

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More information


Please contact your NHS rehabilitation centre to discuss your suitability for a microprocessor controlled knee. They will be able to assess you and arrange a trial if necessary. 


Find out more about Blatchford’s MPK range on our Understanding Microprocessor Knees page. For technical details on the Orion3 microprocessor knee please contact your Blatchford training & education representative or contact Customer Services on 01256 318042 or [email protected].