Welcome to our Bristol Royal Hospital for Children NHS Clinic

The Orthotic Team here at Bristol Children's Hospital look after a wide variety of orthotic devices for the children here at the Hospital and from the surrounding area. You might have heard other names for an "orthotic device" such an orthosis, brace, splint, calliper or sometimes an insole, heel cup or foot supports. However, we look after all of these as well as some other devices that can be worn such as protective helmets and other protective devices.

We share our deportment with the Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists but we also work very closely with the Orthopaedic, Neurological , Rheumatology and Oncology teams from the hospital. We work alongside the doctors and nurses from the many wards here at the hospital as well as numerous specialists and teams from outside of the Hospital.

The Orthotists supply orthoses to children who are receiving inpatient treatment (or staying on the ward), coming in for single day treatment (such as surgery or other procedures) or even just coming in for an appointment with the Orthotist in one of our Outpatient clinics.


We supply a diverse range of custom and ready-made devices including (but limited to): 

  • Foot orthotics/insoles 
  • Ankle foot orthoses 
  • Knee braces 
  • Hip orthoses 
  • Spinal braces 
  • Neck braces 
  • Protective helmets 
  • Finger/hand/wrist/elbow/shoulder orthoses 
  • Other protective devices 

Patient journey

We are located on the top floor of the Children's Hospital (level 7). Take the lift up from the ground floor and enter through the door labelled "Planet Therapy".

Referral Process

The Orthotic Team accept referrals from the medical and therapy teams from within the UHBW trust. In addition, GP's from within the South and Central Bristol Area can refer directly to us. If you have any queries please contact us directly.