Turbomed footdrop brace

Experience the transformative solution for foot drop with TurboMed, the leading specialist in foot drop orthotics braces. Blatchford is proud to be the sole UK distributor of the TurboMed range of products, ensuring you have access to the finest AFO braces available.

Don't let foot drop hinder your postural and movement capabilities. Choose from our extensive range of options and sizes to find the perfect fit for your specific needs. As the leader among custom AFO brace manufacturers, TurboMed is dedicated to providing you with the best solution to optimise your comfort and ease of motion.

Whether you need a foot drop brace for walking or running, TurboMed's custom AFO braces will have you back to your normal activities in no time. Experience the freedom to walk and run with less effort, and regain the quality of life you deserve. Contact us now to explore the details of your next foot drop brace and take the first step towards a more active and comfortable lifestyle.

National Footdrop Society

Blatchford is a proud supporter of the National Footdrop Society and this year we were honored to take part in their National Footdrop Awareness Day, with dozens of patients taking the opportunity to try out Turbomed footdrop braces.


Turbomed footdrop braces