Welcome to our Birmingham Childrens NHS Clinic

Blatchford has been the Orthotic Service Provider for Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust, and The Royal Orthopaedic NHS Foundation Trust, since 2013.  

The service offers clinics onsite at Birmingham Children's Hospital and in 5 community clinics.  

We regularly work in an MDT setting both in all community clinics, and specialist spina bidifa and spinal injury clinic, where we assess, measure and prescribe RGOs and Parawalkers.

Referral Process

We accept referrals for children from the ages of birth to 16; we can continue to provide care up to 18 if there is a complex need or the child is under a current BCH consultant.  Referrals can come from medical professionals and AHPs if band 7 or over. We do not accept self-referrals or referrals from education staff directly.  

We accept referrals for children across the Greater Birmingham area.  For general orthotics care we may ask for referrals to be redirected to a local service if this is more suitable. Referrals for specialist care for complex treatment or devices from a wider area will be considered.   

Spinal care: We offer treatment for post operative and traumatic spinal care. Referrals for the management of scoliosis or spinal deformities should be directed to the orthotics team at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital: [email protected] 

Community clinics are provided in collaboration with Birmingham Community Healthcare Foundation Trust and Sandwell and West Birmingham Foundation Trust.  These provide MDT input between community physiotherapy and orthotics and are provided at school sites across the city. Children need to be under both community physiotherapy and orthotics teams to access these.  

Referral criteria - we will see children for:  

  • Symptomatic lower limb musculoskeletal problems  
  • Leg length discrepancies  
  • Developmental motor delay  
  • Idiopathic or other non-resolving toe walking  
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders  
  • Post operative or post trauma care  
  • Balance or coordination disorders affecting mobility  
  • Management of contracture development  
  • Inflammatory arthritis affecting the lower limbs  

We will reject referrals for:  

  • Flat feet without symptoms. There is clear evidence that insoles do not change the developing shape of feet.  
  • In toeing gait without symptoms  
  • Lesser toe problems or curly toes  
  • Scoliosis or long-term spinal care – whilst acute care is managed onsite, longer-term care is managed by the specialist service at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, as advised above.  
  • New outpatient referrals for children over the age of 16, unless direct BCH consultant care and care unable to be provided by other service