When you visit us, you’ll experience warmth, understanding and professionalism, that’s because our Prosthetists love what they do!

From your initial assessment to walking out the door, you can expect your limb to be ready in a matter of days. Once you have your new prosthesis, you’ll agree on review dates and times to monitor your progress with your clinician to ensure your prosthesis is working for you.


Image of Principal Prosthetist Jane Muir and bi-lateral below the knee amputee Steve North on treadmill

Who is this Service for?

Prostheses can benefit people of all ages including adults and children and can be used for lower limb loss (such as foot, below knee or above knee) or upper limb loss (such as hand, below elbow or above elbow).

The specific type of prosthesis you will require depends on the level and extent of your loss, as well as your functional needs and individual goals. Our team of Prosthetists have access to world-class components from a wide variety of manufacturers and will make clinically appropriate recommendations to help you make informed choices. 

Our Team

For over 130 years, our focus has been about achieving the best possible outcome for every patient. Blatchford Clinics offers patients and their referrers the very best expertise and the latest technology solutions to enable our patients mobility goals to be achieved. Blatchford believes caring for someone means always keeping their best interests at heart. Our highly experienced team works closely to deliver the bespoke treatment and support that each patient requires to achieve their goals.


  • Do you only fit Blatchford products?

    No. Blatchford Clinics will always work with our patients to provide and recommend the most clinically appropriate solution to deliver the best  outcomes. We have access to all UK approved products from a variety of manufacturers.

Blatchford Clinics

With clinics located around the UK, we pride ourselves on delivering a personable and friendly service to all our clients. Our clinical team have a wealth of experience in helping you regain your mobility, and we work with every patient on an individual basis to help them achieve their mobility goals. Whether that's getting up to make a cup of tea, getting back into the garden or running a marathon, we're with you at every stage of your journey. Our clinical team have access to a the full range of products from market leading brands, and work alongside you to select the product and treatment that is clinically appropriate for your goals.