Welcome to our Birmingham Childrens NHS Clinic

The Limb Centre is a regional specialist service for adults and children with limb absence based at Haywood Hospital in Stoke. We have been serving Stoke on Trent, Burton on Trent, Shrewsbury and Stafford clinics with bespoke prosthetic provision and rehabilitation services for all levels of lower and upper limb absence. Our multi-disciplinary team works with clients and family members to provide a comprehensive plan of care from pre-amputation consultation to post-prosthetic delivery and ongoing provision of prosthetic maintenance and clinical support.  

Our goal is to match our clients' unique needs with appropriate prosthetic technology and support services. Our prosthetic team has experience in both private and NHS care. We partner with a highly experienced, specialist NHS staff of consultants, physiotherapists, occupational therapist, and counsellors to provide compassionate and client-centric care to support the recovery and restoration of life after amputation. 

Referral Process

The Prosthetic service can only be accessed via referral from either your GP, Consultant or other Allied Health Professional (Physiotherapy, Nursing, Podiatry etc). Unfortunately, you are unable to self-refer to this service unless you are an existing patient and have been seen within the last 24 months.