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Helping you Choose the Best Products for your Patients

We are here to collaborate with you, to support and help you ensure your patients get the best products to enable them the best outcomes possible. We are here to support you through regular training, webinars, patient resources and much more.

Blatchford can assist your clinic with:

  • Product selection
  • Prosthetic prescription guidance 
  • Fitting
  • Setup 
  • Programming of prosthetic devices
  • Technical support

Biomimicry Prosthetics

Blatchford’s one-of-a-kind performance-response technology is the next generation of biomimicry prosthetics. We use our trademarked performance-response technology to influence the design of our products, which in turn, helps your prosthetic clinic improve patient outcomes.

Blatchford develops and manufactures the best lower limb prosthetics found on the market today. Our clinical expertise and innovation are second-to-none when it comes to technology for mobility, function, comfort and cosmesis.

We invite you to view our catalogue of products and contact us to learn more about us!

Product Support & Education

Access to in-person, online and virtual product support that works around your day - available when and how you need it

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A microprocessor controlled hydraulic knee with intelligent speed control.


Situational Awareness – senses movement and speed to respond accordingly, in real time.
Water-resistant (IP55 rated)
Enhanced Stability Performance – 5 levels of stance resistance: 
    - Controlled Stance Support
    - Standing Support
    - Dynamic Slope and Stair Descent
    - Stumble Recovery
    - Supported Sitting
Natural Efficient Motion - MPC pneumatics ensure smooth swing at multiple speeds:
    - Optimal Stance Release
    - Adaptive Speed Control
    - Terminal Swing Damping
Cycling Mode and Fixed Angle Flexion Lock Mode
• Knee Flexion to 130°
• Intuitive Programming Software via PC or App
• Lithium Ion batteries with up to 3 days life
• Battery Life Indicator and Low Power Mode

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