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Two Types of Blatchford Silcare Liner Technologies

Our patented technology of Silcare Breathe liners are designed to keep skin dry, cool, and healthy. They are designed with perforations to specifically overcome issues with sweat; helping to maintain a dry, comfortable, and secure connection.

Silcare Breathe Liners

Perforated liners - specifically designed to overcome issues with sweat. Helps maintain a dry, comfortable and secure connection. These liners use a firmer silicone that gives a firmer interface between the residual limb and the liner for more active users.

Silcare Liners

Non-perforated liners designed to reduce shear forces within the socket resulting in great comfort at the skin/liner interface. This liner utilizes a softer silicone designed to provide optimal comfort and control for low to moderately active wearers.

Both ranges are available in:

  • Walk or Active
  • Cushion or Locking

Silcare Breathe Walk Liner range benefits the low to moderate wearers and those with more sensitive or fragile residual limb tissue. 6-month warranty.

Silcare Breathe Active Liner uses a firmer silicone and is suitable for more active users i.e. those who have an activity level of 3 or 4.

Silcare Active Liner is gentle on fragile skin and is best suited to those with well-covered residual limbs. 6-month warranty.

Silcare Walk Liner uses a softer silicone to improve the cushioning especially at the distal end for low to moderate wearers and those with more sensitive and fragile residual limbs.

All of our liners have a Tendresse
™ finish that reduces shear stress on the skin.

Silcare Breathe Technology

Silcare Breathe is a silicone liner with laser drilled perforations to allow moisture and air to escape for drier skin and a more secure socket fit. Find out more about our breathable liner technology and how it works to benefit amputees on a daily basis.

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