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Steve Testimonial


“I literally called it the ‘Holy grail’ as it’s been a product that I had been waiting for since becoming an amputee 8 years ago!”

“If you’re an active amputee that has struggled with the build-up of sweat in your liner, I would recommend this product.”


“I normally have to stop several times to empty my liner and dry off my limb throughout the race.”

“The Silcare Breathe Liner is a fantastic product, it’s great for taking the sweat away which adds to that confidence and security.”

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Dennis Testimonial


“It’s the best product out there, I can’t see anything out there that compares to the way it works.”

“Due to the perforated holes in the liner, it draws moisture away from my limb while I’m walking and is much more comfortable without the skin breakdown”.


“Silcare Breathe makes a huge difference – I can walk around without having to take my leg off to dry my limb.”

“It’s much more secure, and feels much better. Using the Liner I don’t have to think so much about what I’m doing and I can just get on with enjoying the things that I love.”

Adrian Testimonial
Cassie Testimonial


“The very first time I used Silcare I was really surprised how dry and secure I was in it. When I’m running I’m held in the socket and a lot more stable."

Case Study: Comparing Silcare Breathe to Standard Liner

To help demonstrate how the new Silcare Breathe liner works and to compare results with a standard silicone liner, we worked with amputee Charlie Lewis to capture the results. Charlie is an Activity Level 4 amputee who regularly runs and cycles. Charlie reports problems with perspiration when training and has tried botox and anti-perspirant lotions with no success.


“I normally have to stop several times to empty my liner and dry off my limb throughout the race.”

- Charlie Lewis

The Method

Charlie was asked to cycle for 10 minutes, first wearing a standard silicone liner and then again wearing Silcare Breathe. Instant temperature readings of the residual limb were also taken before and after each session using an infra red thermometer.


The Results

The temperature readings showed that the residual limb was 2°C cooler at the end of the session with the Silcare Breathe liner.

At the end of the session, perspiration remained inside the standard silicone liner with some pooling at the bottom of the liner. The perspiration was clearly visible on Charlie’s residual limb (point A). This forced Charlie to stop the activity to empty and dry the liner and his residual limb.

With the Silcare Breathe liner, perspiration had visibly escaped through the holes (point B) leaving Charlie’s residual limb dryer and feeling more secure.

Silcare Breathe Pin Lock 02

Introducing Silcare Breath Pin Locking Liner

Pinlock Locking System

The locking system and unique one way valve create an airtight seal between the skin and the inner surface of the liner. No separate suspension sleeve is required with Silcare Breathe Pinlock liner, contributing to a cooler environment for skin and a more comfortable limb and socket connection.

Stretch Zones

Uni-directional stretch at the distal end resists pistoning whilst bi-directional stretch at the proximal end allows for comfortable knee flexion.

Tendresse™ Finish

A lower coefficient of friction than standard silicone reduces shear stress on the skin.

Laser Perforations

Optimally sized pores distributed uniformly along the length and distal end of the liner permit the escape of moisture.

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