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Microprocessor Feet

Blatchford's Elan Foot Was the First of Its Kind

Blatchford engineers took the microprocessor-control technology more commonly seen in prosthetic knees, and applied it to the Echelon, an articulating prosthetic foot-ankle device with hydraulic damping. The Elan foot has all of the benefits of the Echelon, plus the ability to control how much resistance is applied and at what time.

Smoother, Safer and More Natural Walking

By introducing Microprocessor Active Resistance Control to our hydraulic ankle technology, natural muscle resistance can be mimicked by adapting hydraulic resistance levels when standing and walking on slopes and uneven terrain.

This encourages more symmetrical limb loading, faster walking speed and reduced compensatory movements. The result is smoother, safer, and more natural walking, helping to preserve the body for the long term.

Elan and ElanIC's Microprocessor-Controls

The addition of the microprocessor control is especially beneficial during slope ambulation where it reduces energy expenditure of the user and improves stability and safety, particularly during descent.

The control also enhances stability in the Elan and ElanIC while standing, where resistances can be increased, thus decreasing the amount of energy required by the user to balance.

The ElanIC's inductive charging feature increases the ease with which the ElanIC can be charged and introduces a waterproof feature to the device.

Elan (1)



Microprocessor-controlled hydraulic ankle/foot for terrain response and speed control.

• Microprocessor controlled self-aligning plantar flexion and dorsiflexion
• Standing support mode increases resistance when stationary to help improve balance, stability, reduce effort and encourage a more natural posture
• Variable response to speed changes
• Increased plantar flexion resistance allows for more energy storage and return when walking quickly or up slopes
• Ankle remains dorsiflexed during swing phase to increase toe clearance and reduce risk of trips and falls
• Batteries contained within ankle
• Increased dorsiflexion resistance provides a brake when walking down slopes for improved safety and stability
• Sandal Toe Foot Shell

Foot Shell and Glide Sock included.

Hydraulic Ankle Technology Cover

Hydraulic Ankles

Clinical Evidence

Over a decade after challenging conventional wisdom, new scientific evidence continues to be published on the medical advantages of hydraulic ankles.

Clinical Compendium Cover

Clinical Compendium

Blatchford Biomimetic Hydraulic Technology mimics the dynamic and adaptive qualities of muscle actuation to encourage more natural gait.

Multiple independent scientific studies, comparing Blatchford hydraulic ankle-feet to non-hydraulic feet, have shown:

  • Greater comfort, reduced socket pressures
  • Improved safety, reduced risk of trips and falls
  • Smoother, easier and more natural gait
  • More evenly balanced inter-limb loading
  • Greater satisfaction

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