Sweat Management

Excessive sweat is not only a problem for active amputees.

Over the course of a normal day, heat and moisture can build up, becoming a constant problem for all amputees.

Temperature Regulation

The human body produces sweat to regulate temperature when hot, however sweat is a major issue for amputees. Not only do amputees have a greater need to regulate their temperature as they require greater effort to walk, but there is a compromised ability to cool due to reduced body surface area which is compounded by current sockets and liners which act as insulators.

Body Surface Area

Trans-tibial amputees expend 20-40% more effort to walk but at the same time, their body surface area is typically reduced by 10-15% which impacts cooling capacity.

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Current Options for Amputees

There are some treatment options available including anti-perspirant sprays, Botulinum toxin, medication, electrical stimulation and surgery. However, these treatments often aren’t successful and may cause further side effects.

Silcare Breathe Active SBTTLP25L Locking Liner

Introducing Silcare Breath Pin Locking Liner

Pinlock Locking System

The locking system and unique one way valve create an airtight seal between the skin and the inner surface of the liner. No separate suspension sleeve is required with Silcare Breathe Pinlock liner, contributing to a cooler environment for skin and a more comfortable limb and socket connection.

Stretch Zones

Uni-directional stretch at the distal end resists pistoning whilst bi-directional stretch at the proximal end allows for comfortable knee flexion.

Tendresse™ Finish

A lower coefficient of friction than standard silicone reduces shear stress on the skin.

Laser Perforations

Optimally sized pores distributed uniformly along the length and distal end of the liner permit the escape of moisture.

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