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Benefits of Microprocessor Prosthetic Knees

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Skeletal and muscular pain from shifting weightThe lack of trust in today's basic prosthetic limb often means that the user will shift their weight on to the non-amputated limb. This has a detrimental effect on other joints.

Microprocessor-controlled knees provide the amputee with more stability on all kinds of terrains, slopes and steps. Microprocessor-controlled knees, such as the Orion3, adapt hydraulic resistance in real time, providing the wearer with support whether they are standing still or moving.

Prevention of falls is just one aspect – reducing the chances of acute injuries – but effective stabilization can also cut down on medical problems often experienced by amputees with conventional prosthesis and joints, such as lower-back pain, arthritis and hip replacements.


Blatchford's Microprocessor Designs

Blatchford was the first company in the world to have a microprocessor knee (MPK) available on the prosthetic market; the Intelligent Prosthesis (IP) in 1993. Sensors were incorporated and took measurements to determine walking speed and the behavior of the pneumatic section of the piston was adapted, providing the appropriate degree of swing phase extension.

Further iterations of this technology included the IP+ and Smart IP, which had programming advancements and were simpler for the prosthetist to calibrate.

Blatchford’s first microprocessor knees to provide control of both stance and swing phase were the Adaptive and Smart Adaptive. These devices measured the loads applied by the user and provided resistance to knee flexion during stance phase, as well as retaining the swing phase control from older models.

The Orion family of knees was also based on these well-established and proven MPK technologies.

Orion3 1

Orion3 Microprocessor Knee

Our water-resistant Orion3 gives the user natural and efficient walking motions, and as evidenced by the OASIS study, enhanced safety and reduced risk of falls.


Linx Limb System

Linx continues to be the world’s only fully integrated limb available on the market. It’s unique because it replaces the amputee’s limb, one unit they control, not multiple units trying to work together. The result a walking experience closer to nature than ever before.

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