Support for the amputee community actually starts with the prosthetic manufacturer

Posted on Monday, February 6, 2023

Blatchford and its partners are committed to providing support and guidance beyond their products.


When adjusting to life as an amputee, one of the worst feelings one will experience is that of isolation. There comes a sense of unique trauma that others can’t relate. Add to that the need to adapt to a completely new lifestyle as an amputee and it can become overwhelming. However, things are need not be so grim, as there are entire communities dedicated to supporting those who have suffered limb loss.

Blatchford understands the hardships that come with needing a prosthesis. It starts with education, guidance, and support in order to help choose the right prosthetic limb. There’s a plethora of information on the Blatchford products page showcasing all the options available for prosthesis. However, the best guidance can come from your prosthetist, and if you talk to them about Blatchford, their expertise can help guide a recent amputee to the correct choice.

We approach our product design holistically and centre our efforts around the whole person and not just their mobility limitation. We focus on solutions that not only help people in their day-to-day, but also look out for their long-term health and wellbeing.

Support for amputees also comes from already established communities that are more than eager to provide advice and support. There is a wide range of groups both large and local, along with Blatchford’s own efforts to keep everyone connected. Blatchford’s Ambassadors of Mobility (BAM) is a group made of volunteers who are committed to helping others who have experienced limb loss or limb difference.

Additionally, by searching for Facebook groups, patients can connect with lots of different public and private communities to find a sense of community. Search terms like “amputee motivation” and “amputee lifestyle” amongst others will help find supportive groups of people that guide and mentor fellow amputees. Your local prosthetist is a great resource for connecting you to other support groups and therapists that specialise in limb loss counselling and therapy. It’s best to set aside time early each week to make sure you can attend.

Amputees don’t have to be alone when adjusting to their new life. There are connections waiting to be made and mentors ready to help anyone seeking connection and knowledge. Blatchford knows that life exists outside their products and wish for everyone to receive the best outcomes possible. This is a journey that is best taken together.