Walk fluidly, walk safely, and walk all day using Tectus®.

Tectus® is a slim, lightweight microprocessor-controlled orthosis*. Using our proven, world-renowned microprocessor prosthetic technology, we have created Tectus®, a lifechanging intelligent orthotic that allows people with impaired mobility, due to partial paralysis in their lower limbs, to walk again. Instead of a locked knee brace, cane or wheelchair, this system provides the freedom to participate in regular daily activities.


Tectus® gives the user the ability to take part in activities like walking their dog, taking public transport, going to music festivals, attending sporting events, travel, and other normal daily activities.

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  • Slim & Lightweight

    Slim & Lightweight

    Weighing just 660g, the Tectus® microprocessor module is small and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear and minimally invasive.

  • Controlled Stance Release

    Controlled Stance Release

    Sensors inside Tectus® detect the pre-swing thigh angle, movement forward and pressure. These intelligent controls within the microprocessor unit prepare the knee for release into swing phase.

  • Spring Assist

    Spring Assist

    With unique adjustable control features, Tectus® assists both heel rise dampening and the mid to terminal swing phase knee extension.

  • Manual Lock & Free Mode Options

    Manual Lock & Free Mode Options

    Manual lock prevents knee flexion, giving complete confidence in situations where prolonged periods of standing are required. Free Mode on the other hand, activates automatically after sitting in a resting position for two seconds.

  • Simple & Easy to Read Digital Display

    Simple & Easy to Read Digital Display

    A discreet digital display provides easy access to the device's the five activity modes, allowing Tectus® wearers to view battery status, step count and safety warnings all at a glance.

  • Battery Powered for Convenience

    Battery Powered for Convenience

    Tectus® has a fully rechargeable battery and will last for a full day of average use^. Spare batteries can also be swapped in easily and can charge quickly from 0% - 100% in under 2 hours.

  • Flexible Configuration Options

    Flexible Configuration Options

    The Tectus® microprocessor module has a separate battery power unit that can be positioned to fit the unique thigh shape and size or each individual patient.

  • Remote Fob or Manual Control Buttons

    Remote Fob or Manual Control Buttons

    Unlike most other microprocessor KAFOs, Tectus® wearers can switch between 5 operating modes using a discrete remote control. Change walking speed, sit, stand, lock, descend stairs - it’s all possible at the touch of a button. Tectus® has everyday activities covered.

Real Life Case Studies

Alex's Story...
While serving in the UK military, Alex had an accident resulting in Cauda Equina syndrome following herniated spinal discs. Now 10 years on, he has right lower limb weakness, chronic sciatic pain, hip dysfunction, and lower back pain (all managed better with the Tectus®).

Alfie's Story...
Alfie had a left knee injury and ruptured left Achilles tendon. After multiple orthopaedic surgeries, Alfie has chronic sciatica hip pain from unsymmetrical walking with a locked KAFO (resolved with the Tectus®).

Mick's Story...
Mick had a stroke affecting his left arm and leg and had an elective left arm amputation due to ongoing neurological pain with any contact. He has left lower limb weakness, knee hyperextension, and equino-varus pull of the foot/ankle complex with drop foot.

Tectus® is well beyond my expectations...

"The difference in adding a microprocessor, essentially a computer, to my leg is mindblowing. I finish every day with much more energy. I go into every situation with less planning and less anxiety. I can just enjoy life rather than worrying about

Alex, Tectus® wearer

Frequently asked question about Tectus®

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about our brand new Tectus® device. If you have a question that isn't answered below, please reach out to us by emailing [email protected] and we'll be sure to get back to you with an answer

  • What is Tectus?

    Tectus® is an orthotic device, that enables people with partial lower limb paralysis to walk more easily, naturally, and comfortably with increased confidence and safety.

    Tectus® combines a custom-made Knee, Ankle, Foot Orthosis with the Tectus® knee module to create a microprocessor controlled knee hinged KAFO with swing and stance phase control.

  • How does Tectus® work?

    The orthosis provides stability and support to the wearer. The Tectus® device uses its complex system of spring, hydraulic, sensor and microprocessor technology to enable natural walking.

    The multiple sensors detect the wearer’s movement and automatically makes adjustments to the hinged knee unit. The hydraulic mechanism provides controlled resistance which ensures the wearer walks safely on different terrains and alters the resistance for stairs and sitting to give the wearer complete control.

    The combination of the spring assist feature and the microprocessor-controlled hydraulics allows the wearer to walk further and more easily (ref1).

  • What conditions can it be used to treat?

    Tectus® can be effective in treating wearers with:

    • Spinal injuries with lower limb paralysis
    • Neurological conditions with resultant muscle weakness
    • Orthopaedic injuries with resultant nerve damage.
  • Is Tectus® the same as other KAFOs on the market?


    Tectus® is a unique, semi-automatic, microprocessor knee module that incorporates Blatchford’s Performance Response TechnologyTM - a complex system of spring, hydraulic, sensor and microprocessor technology to improve the gait cycle of any Tectus® wearer. This results
    in a more natural walking gait, with improved symmetry and more even loading (ref1).

  • What is the user weight limit for Tectus®?

    Tectus® is designed for adolescents and adults. The minimum user weight is 50kg, Maximum weight 100kg*.

    (*including any weight carried)

  • What is the battery life of Tectus®?

    Tectus® will last for a full day of average use^.

    (^up to 18 hours of continuous charge)

  • Is Tectus® waterproof?

    The Tectus® module is IP54 rated. Being caught in the rain is not a problem, but the brace is not suitable for showering, paddling or being soaked in water.

  • How long does it take to fully charge Tectus®?

    Tectus® takes 2 hours to fully charge from a flat battery.

    It is recommended before charging that you lay the Tectus® KAFO down in a horizontal position (on a flat surface or floor), with the knee module facing upwards and with 5 degrees of knee flexion so that it is secure and does not roll over.

  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Microprocessor control
  • App available
  • Motion Integrated Intelligence

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Tectus is protected in UK/EUR by Patent No 2566310. Tectus is protected in USA by Patent No 11246723.

* Multi-functional ankle joint shown is for illustrative purposes only
** Total weight capability i.e. including weight carried
^ Up to 18 hours of continuous use