Leaders in Innovation

Founded in London in 1890, we have a long history of firsts and continue to be widely recognised for our commitment to innovation. We are proud to have created the very first commercially available hydraulic ankle, the first microprocessor controlled hydraulic ankle and the world’s first fully integrated limb system.

Our pioneering technology has been the recipient of many prestigious awards including four Queen’s Awards for Technological Achievement and Export, Design Council Award, Prince of Wales Award for Innovation, Millennium Products, British Engineering Excellence, IOD, EEF and BHTA, Design for Living Award, the prestigious MacRobert Award and later the German Design and MDEA Awards.

In 2021, we won the Hanger Partner Award - Clinician's Choice in the United States:

We continue to pursue innovation, challenging possibilities and perceptions to create solutions that change lives.

Making a Difference

As a trusted and independent provider of mobility solutions around the world, we have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to transform the lives of people and deliver long-term value to society. How a business contributes to tackling global and regional challenges is scrutinised more than ever and the importance of meeting these expectations is of strategic importance to us.

We actively work to document the impact of our business operations, identify progressive objectives and implement procedures to mitigate economic, social and environmental challenges.