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Join to the Blatchford Ambassador Programme

Welcome to the Blatchford Ambassador Programme. Our mission is to empower wearers of our products to feel confident, secure, and fully integrated with their technology, enabling them to live their lives to the fullest.

Who Can Be a Brand Ambassador?

Join our program as a Brand Ambassador if you are already using a Blatchford product, we would love for you to become a Brand Ambassador by joining our program! We know you face mobility challenges, and your story, knowledge, and experiences can inspire and support others in similar situations. And guess what? Caregivers and friends are also welcome to join, so feel free to spread the word.

What are the benefits of being a Blatchford Brand Ambassador?

  • As a welcome to our programme, you will receive an onboarding kit full of lovely goodies
  • We host a variety of supportive workshops, from social media best practices, e.g. how to feel comfortable talking about our products with fellow amputees
  • Opportunity to develop new products with the Blatchford R&D team*
  • Personalised profile page on the Blatchford website
  • Opportunity to travel to events

*Depending on the level of the Brand Ambassador, products may be provided in exchange for duties.

Feel like you've got what it takes?


What types of ambassador are we looking for?

There are many ways to get involved. Just choose the duties you feel most comfortable with.

Alex is one of Ambassadors for Tectus

  • Blatchford PromotersPromoter

    You will share and comment on our social media posts regularly to help increase awareness about our brand's products. Then, create authentic posts about your experience using Blatchford products.
  • Blatchford CampaignersCampaigner

    You will work with us to share pictures, videos and details about your experiences wearing Blatchford products. The content captured will be used in marketing campaigns worldwide.
  • Blatchford Educational TrainersEducational Trainer

    Be available to attend regional conferences and exhibitions to represent Blatchford as a user of their products. You can demonstrate and talk to attendees about the product and answer any questions.

"While being a Brand Ambassador, I've learned so much. I've really been made to feel part of a team that ultimately is changing lives. It's a dynamic, thrilling journey where innovation meets empowerment and enables you to be the change that you crave in the tech that we use and rely on every day."

Alex Slegg, Blatchford Ambassador


Ambassador Stories

Ready to be a Blatchford Ambassador?


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Zoe Stephens

Our Ambassadors are incredibly unique people, sharing the most powerful and inspiring stories. You will represent all amputees when you become an ambassador, and your story gives us a chance to make a positive difference.

Zoe Stephens, HR Director