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The Blatchford Difference

We believe that positive patient outcomes increase when a clinician can make choices independent of manufacturer influence.

Blatchford is different from other prosthetic companies - and this is why...

We Collaborate with O&P Clinics

Unlike other prosthetic manufacturers who buy clinics, Blatchford US does not buy clinics. We collaborate with O&P clinics, we do not buy them and compete with them.

Blatchford supports prosthetists and orthotists requiring forward-thinking alliances. We prioritize the outcomes of their patients and their businesses. We provide continuing education courses for prosthetists, as well as webinars, demos and training courses for O&P clinics worldwide.

Our team of Blatchford Clinical Specialists offer free, on-site demonstrations of our products. Contact your local Blatchford Representative or call us at: 800.548.3534 (toll free) or 937.291.3636 or at [email protected] to schedule a demonstration of any of our products.

Our team of professionals can assist with product selection, prescription guidance, fitting, setup, programming of devices, CEU's for licensure and technical support.

We Are Focused on Better Patient Outcomes

Blatchford designs prosthetics with the patient's overall health as the main focus. Our team of engineers and clinical prosthetists work together to provide lower limb solutions that enhance a person's life. We want patients to move better, to gain the mobility they need to realize and pursue their dreams.

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We Have Patient-Centric Research & Engineering

The Blatchford family of products are developed through an extensive collaboration between our research and development team, clinical experts, patient insight groups, our brand ambassadors, and customers to find the best solution for each patient.

Blatchford collaborates with universities and independent researchers to prove the medical benefits of our technology. This work helps provide evidence to inform best practices in the wider rehabilitation community. This research gives healthcare providers the confidence to prescribe the right technology to each patient.

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Understanding Prosthetics

Whether you are a new amputee or have lived with an amputation for awhile, prosthetic technology can be overwhelming. We explain some of the technology behind today’s prosthetics and how Blatchford uses the natural working of the human body to influence the design of our products.