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Payment Solutions that Help You and Your Patients

Patients are struggling financially with the rapid growth of patient deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. This affects every healthcare provider, including O&P clinics.

How do make sure your office is getting paid for the prosthetic device up front (especially when the patient may not be able to pay out-of-pocket)?

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How do make sure all patients, (insured and uninsured, both) can pay for the best prosthetic device for them?

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Instead of referring your patients to credit card programs where they could be paying anywhere from 14.90% - 17.90% in interest rates as well as additional fees, refer them to Blatchford Access Powered by Repaytient - a no-cost program with zero interest fees and flexible terms.

  • Clinicians receive full discounted payment from Repaytient.
  • Clinicians do not have to collect on outstanding accounts anymore.
  • Clinicians are able to give their patients the ability to get the money they need to pay for their device (that isn't covered by insurance).
  • Improve patient experience and patient outcomes, both.


How this program works:

Patient Access Powered by Repaytient

For your patients, this program offers:

  • No interest
  • No fees
  • No denials
  • No credit checks
  • Flexible terms

Patients deserve plans that are simple to understand and make it easy for them to pay bills in a fair and flexible manner.

As their provider, you and your team deserve to get paid up-front for the prosthetic devices you sell. This program makes sure you get paid for the device and removes uncomfortable conversations with patients that create significant administrative costs for your office.

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