The Most Advanced Lower Limb Prosthetics in the World

Blatchford understands how important the journey of limb loss is. Our advanced lower limb prosthetics devices (lower artificial limbs) are designed to empower both the amputee and the prosthetist (the clinician who fits the patient for the artificial limb).

Users of our products should feel confident, secure, and integrated with their prosthetic leg, knee, ankle, foot or limb system; able to live their life as they imagine. The patient’s lower limb performs like a natural extension of the human body.

Caregivers, amputees, orthotists and prosthetists alike, all know that true, natural mobility in lower limb prosthetics and orthotics can make all the difference in a life. Mobility provides confidence...increasing the quality of life for amputees and their caregivers.

Complete Prosthetic Systems

We develop and manufacture products designed to offer individuals the best possible mobility, function, comfort and cosmesis after amputation or other pathology.

High Tech. High Quality. High Touch.

Our focus is on connecting our technology to your life and tailoring each step, stride, or jump with real-time feedback to improve your activity. We don’t make prosthetic devices; we design performance-response technology, the next generation of biomimicry prosthetics. (Biomimicry is a practice that learns from and mimics the strategies found in nature to solve human design challenges).

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Blade XT

Blade XT is the complete solution for active users. It is suitable for everyday use as well as running, cycling and other sporting activities, too. 

  • Ideal for cross training, running, bat and ball sports
  • Controlled acceleration and deceleration 
  • Ease of alignment incl. A/P slide
  • Variable spring stiffness heel wedge
  • Heel stiffness adjustment
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Good Mobility and Wellness Go Together

Our holistic approach to product design centers around the whole person and not just their mobility limitation. This ensures we develop solutions that not only help people to get the most out of every day, but to do so in a way that cares for their long-term health and wellbeing.

We are committed to delivering value, quality and an outstanding experience to every customer. Through our products and services, we strive to get the best outcome for every user.

Prosthetic Dummy

Welcome to Our Online Prosthetic Leg Configurator!

Build your own prosthetic lower limb from the convenience of your computer. 

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