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Why Partner with Blatchford

We COLLABORATE with you!

We are here to collaborate with you, to support and help you grow your prosthetics practice. Blatchford does not own prosthetic clinics in the United States and does not plan to. Many United States prosthetic practices are bought and owned by large prosthetic manufacturers. We will not buy clinics or compete with your clinic.

We are here to support your practice through hands-on clinician training, webinars, patient resources and much more.

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You have CHOICES!

You have the freedom to choose the best brand or product for your patient!

Patient outcomes matter more than anything. We agree that patients come first and improving patient outcomes are the most important part of what prosthetists and clinicians do every day. Do you know which prosthetic manufacturer has the best prosthetic leg, ankle foot or limb system for your patient?

We Tailor Our Biomimicry Technology to Each of Your Patients

Our engineers have developed one-of-a-kind, measurable next generation of biomimetic prosthetics called Performance Response Technology®. Biomimicry is a practice that learns from and mimics the strategies found in nature to solve human design challenges. This technology is tailored to enhance the natural abilities of the legs and empower users to engage and enjoy life beyond movement.

Whatever performance your patients need, our products respond to that need. If your patients imagine life after surgery to involve the same activities before surgery, we support those goals. From easily standing up, to confidently climbing stairs or carrying groceries, to hitting the gym or enjoying outdoor activities, our products respond to your patient's body, life and needs.

Our products are created for different lifestyles and activity levels. Blatchford's goal is for users of our products to feel confident, secure, and integrated with their tech, able to live their life as they imagine.

We Keep the Whole Person at Heart

It is always about the quality of life we support with our exceptional designs and innovative technology. We see beyond mobility to ensure our products and services deliver against our customers’ and clinicians’ expectations for the life they want to live.

Payment and Ordering

Blatchford’s "Patient Access" program (powered by Repatient) makes paying for healthcare easier for clinicians and patients by providing interest-free financing for the patient’s deductible while paying healthcare providers 100% up front.

Repatient offers flexible terms for all patients and has no patient denials. Ask your Blatchford rep about Repatient!

Need help or support?

For information and placing orders, contact customer service between the hours of 89am - 5pm Mon - Fri.

Blatchford's Catalogue of Products

For over 130 years Blatchford has designed and produced some of the world's most advanced artificial limbs and mobility solutions. Explore all our devices online!

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