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Why Blatchford

Our Biomimetic Prosthetics Are Tailored to Enhance the Natural Abilities of Human Legs

The best prosthesis (artificial limb) replicates the dynamic and adaptive qualities of natural limb movement. This approach has resulted in the design of the world’s first hydraulic ankle-foot and award-winning technology by the Blatchford team.

Biomimicry Technology - Tailored to Each Patient

Our engineers have developed one-of-a-kind, measurable, performance-response biomimicry technology used in our products. This technology is tailored to enhance the natural abilities of the legs and empower users to engage and enjoy life beyond movement.

Whatever performance you need, our products respond to that need. If you imagine life after amputation surgery to continue with the same activities before surgery, we support those goals. From easily standing up, to confidently climbing stairs or carrying groceries, to hitting the gym or enjoying outdoor activities, our products respond to your body, your life, your needs.

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Our products are created for different lifestyles and activity levels. Ask your Prosthetist about Blatchford's family of lower limb prosthetics.

Blatchford's goal is for users of our products to feel confident, secure, and integrated with their tech, able to live their life as they imagine.

Enhancing Every Patient's Life

We focus on the measurable gain that our one-of-a-kind technology can add to an amputee’s life.

Unlike prosthetic manufacturers who may only look to replace a limb, we aspire to reimagine life. From the products we design to the prosthetists we train to use our technology, our focus is not only to address the best possible mobility, function, and comfort after amputation, but to help move and connect with people in ways that they never dreamed possible.

Mobility means many different things to people, but whether it is getting out into the garden, spending time with family or enjoying a round of golf, we endeavor to make mobility possible.

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Introducing Echelon VT

Biomimetic hydraulic ankle/foot with shock absorber, rotation and split toe for terrain conformance. 

• Hydraulic control of dorsi-flexion and plantar-flexion
• Dorsi-flexed toe for swing phase
• Rotation and vertical shock absorption
• Tripod action for conformance and
vertical compliance
• Smooth hydraulic and spring action
• Slimline foot design
• Responsive e-carbon foot springs
• Sandal Toe Foot Shell

Foot Shell and Glide Sock included.

The Blatchford Community

For over 130 years Blatchford has designed and produced some of the world's most advanced artificial limbs and mobility solutions. Learn more about resources available to help you and/or the amputee in your life!

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