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Our People

Transforming Lives 

Blatchford employees worldwide understand that we have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to transform the lives of people. We know that we can deliver long-term value to society, and we do not take our responsibility lightly.

We're unique and add something special to the world - our effect is tangible and often beyond words - our patients achieve amazing things because of our customer's clinics, the prosthetists care, our care and our products.

Our People Are Our Strength and Our Future

The ultimate success of our work warrants extraordinary effort in the recruitment, development, and management of top-tier talent.

We value the professional and social achievement facilitated by strong diversity of thought, ideas, strengths, and cultural backgrounds. We pursue professional growth and continuous learning for our teams, our colleagues, and ourselves.

When Our Customers Speak, We Listen

With over 900 employees across the world, we have access to invaluable and timely feedback. From our staff to clinics and their patients, we collect exceptional information directly from the amputees and clinicians that work with our products on a daily basis. We are always trying to find innovative solutions to the most complex of patients' needs.

We Invest in Relationships

Blatchford is more than just a prosthetics design company. We are a brand with a long history of innovating solutions. We take that same innovative spirit to build our partner relationships and programs because successful relationships deliver better outcomes for everyone.

The ultimate success of our work warrants extraordinary effort in the recruitment, development, and management of top-tier talent.

Orion Angle

Introducing Orion3


• Situational Awareness – an Inertial Measurement Unit senses
movement and speed to respond accordingly, in real time
• Enhanced Stability Performance – 5 levels of stance
resistance optimises safety at all times
- Controlled Stance Support
- Standing Support
- Dynamic Slope and Stair Descent
- Stumble Recovery
- Supported Sitting
• Natural Efficient Motion - MPC pneumatics ensure energy
efficient and smooth swing at multiple speeds
- Optimal Stance Release
- Adaptive Speed Control
- Terminal Swing Damping
• Cycling Mode and Fixed Angle Flexion Lock Mode
• Knee Flexion to 130°
• Intuitive Programming Software via PC or App
• Lithium Ion batteries with up to 3 days life, dependent
on usage
• Battery Life Indicator and Low Power Mode

The Blatchford Community

For over 130 years Blatchford has designed and produced some of the world's most advanced artificial limbs and mobility solutions. Learn more about resources available to help you and/or the amputee in your life!

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