Duncan’s Orion3 Story


Microprocessor-controlled knees (MPKs), such as Orion3, are now available on the NHS, which has enabled more people than ever to benefit from this technology.

Duncan is one person who has noticed a significant difference in his daily life since he began using an MPK. At the age of 15, Duncan was diagnosed with bone cancer and shortly after turning 16, he underwent surgery to have his leg amputated. Years later Duncan now lives in Doncaster with his family and is a mortgage broker, he enjoys an active social life and playing golf in his spare time.


Duncan found that previous prosthetic knees were not allowing him to be able to do everything that he wanted, so when he discovered Orion3 and EchelonVT they transformed his life for the better.

After being fitted with an Orion3 MPK, and an EchelonVT hydraulic ankle, Duncan noticed a considerable difference. Orion3 has stumble recovery technology, ensuring that the knee remains stable should the user falter on different surfaces such as stairs or slopes. A golf course can have uneven ground and gentle slopes, Duncan was hesitant to play but thanks to the capabilities of Orion3 and EchelonVT he can enjoy playing golf again without any worry as the knee will always adapt to the terrain and the foot will provide shock absorption.

Duncan is now able to walk for greater distances and longer periods of time, navigating hills and slopes at a faster pace than before. Duncan noted, “I can walk with a natural gait down fairly steep inclines and I can walk up hill more easily. I can walk steadily and with confidence over very uneven ground. I can walk faster and longer.” All of this has enabled Duncan to live the active lifestyle he desired.

Duncan commented, “I am more confident and more willing to try things that I may have been unsure about before.” Duncan enjoys playing golf and his goal is to reduce his golf handicap. As well as being able to enjoy sports, Duncan is excited by the prospect of being able to join in activities with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Duncan’s advice to others is that “you must always try your best and utilise the most advanced technology available to aid your ambitions.”



The new and improved Orion3 is now available with enhanced features; bringing together everything users love about this intelligent microprocessor knee with even more advanced technology, for a superior walking experience.  Orion3 is designed to prioritise the safety and stability for activity level 3 walkers, offering a very natural experience across different terrains and speeds. The Orion3 upgrade introduces improvements that promise to give the user even more control of their health and mobility.

  • Situational Awareness – an Inertial Measurement Unit senses movement and speed to respond accordingly, in real time
  • Enhanced Stability Performance – 5 levels of stance resistance optimises safety at all times: Controlled Stance Support, Standing Support, Dynamic Slope and Stair Descent,Stumble Recovery, Supported Sitting
  • Natural Efficient Motion – MPC pneumatics ensure energy efficient and smooth swing at multiple speeds: Optimal Stance Release, Adaptive Speed Control, Terminal Swing Damping
  • Cycling Mode and Fixed Angle Flexion Lock Mode
  • Knee Flexion to 130°
  • Lithium Ion batteries with up to 3 days life, dependent on usage
  • Battery Life Indicator and Low Power Mode
  • Improved! Stair Descent Recognition 
  • Improved! Stance Flexion
  • New! Heel Rise Damping
  • New! Training Mode
  • New! Recessed, covered and magnetic charging point
  • New! Programming App for Android and iOS
  • New! Button Programming Functionality