Ben: Orion3 Knee

Overcoming Adversity with Orion3's Water-Resistant Technology

Fifteen years ago, Ben's life dramatically turned after a motorbike accident amputated his left leg above the knee. Additionally, he suffered from a dislocated right knee, which caused nerve damage and a challenging medical condition called drop foot. Despite these setbacks, Ben has always been an avid outdoor enthusiast, passionate about sports and spontaneous adventures. However, with his previous microprocessor knee, he couldn’t enjoy the activities he loved. That was until he came across the game-changing Orion3 - a water-resistant MPK that transformed his world.

From Kayaking to Mountain Biking: A New Lease on Outdoor Life

Engaging in any outdoor activity may be daunting for many amputees. Not only because of the terrain but also the weather's impact on daily life. With a sense of genuine anxiety as they could potentially damage their prosthetic when out in the rain, puddles, or unexpected river crossings. However, Ben discovered a solution in Orion3's water-resistant design, enabling him to pursue his passions without inhibitions.

Whether he is kayaking or mountain biking, Ben trusts Orion3 completely. He says...

"I no longer worry about puddles, a little rain, or the occasional river crossing. Life is much easier now, and I don't have to overthink things. I can live my life without any concerns."

Ben no longer has to worry about riding his bike through puddles, thanks to Orion3's IP55 waterproof rating

More Freedom, Less Effort: The Orion3 Advantage

Ben has experienced numerous benefits with Orion3, which go way beyond just water resistance. This advanced prosthetic leg features five levels of stance resistance, including stumble recovery and dynamic slope and stair descent. It employs groundbreaking technology to enhance safety on various terrains. Whether he is towing his kayak to the water's edge or going down a flight of stairs, Ben happily reports that he now uses much less energy to move around. Walking has become second nature, and he no longer needs to think about each step like he did with his previous microprocessor knee. Orion3 has given him more freedom and confidence in daily life and enabled him to perform everyday tasks without exhausting himself.

Saying Yes to Spontaneity: Orion3 Unleashes Ben's True Self

Ben's girlfriend shared that Ben is spontaneous and loves to be himself. With Orion3, he can enjoy his lifestyle without worrying about unpredictable weather or challenging terrains. The technology empowers him to head outdoors, embrace spontaneity and engage in even more thrilling adventures. Ben says nothing else has come close to allowing him to live how he wants.

Ben's journey is a testament to human resilience and the power of innovative technology. His experience with Orion3 has allowed him to rekindle his love for the great outdoors, proving that adversity can be overcome and dreams can be pursued without limits.

Slippery slopes are made easier thanks to the Orion3 prosthetic knee from Blatchford.

"Nothing else has come close to giving me the freedom to live life and do things how I want to do them."

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