Ben's Orion3 Story

Empowering Ben to Take on Adventure

After a motorbike accident 15 years ago, Ben had his left leg amputated above the knee. He also suffered a dislocated right knee, resulting in nerve damage and a complex drop foot. As someone who has always enjoyed outdoor sports and spontaneous activities, Ben wasn’t able to fully take on the lifestyle he loves with his previous microprocessor knee. Then, the new water resistant Orion3 came along.

From kayaking to mountain biking

The outdoors can often be a worry. Concerns of prosthetic damage due to rain or puddles can be a huge barrier for many amputees in getting outside and taking on daily life. But, equipped with Orion3’s water resistant protection, Ben is able to fully embrace the activities he’s always loved with enhanced peace of mind. 

From kayaking to mountain biking, Ben has complete trust in Orion3, saying “I don’t have to worry about puddles, a bit of rain, or the odd river that needs to be crossed. 

“It’s just so much easier, you don’t have to think as much anymore and can just get on and live life normally.”

Ben no longer has to worry about riding his bike through puddles, thanks to Orion3's IP55 waterproof rating

More freedom, less effort

The benefits of Orion3 that Ben has experienced extend far beyond being water resistant. Featuring five levels of stance resistance, including stumble recovery and dynamic slope and stair descent, Orion3’s pioneering technology optimises safety at all times - across a range of terrains. 

Whether towing his kayak down to the water or descending a flight of stairs, Ben says, “I use a lot less energy to walk around. I can just put my foot down, and I don’t have to think anywhere near how I used to about what I need to do for each step.”

"I can just walk naturally."

Orion3 has enabled Ben to experience more freedom and greater confidence when walking, without exerting too much energy. Ben can simply walk without a second thought - something he couldn’t do with the previous microprocessor knee he was using.

Slippery slopes are made easier thanks to the Orion3 prosthetic knee from Blatchford.

Saying yes to spontaneity

“Ben loves being spontaneous. In particular, he’s the more spontaneous one out of the two of us”, says Ben’s girlfriend. “This is going to make a massive difference for both of us, because it just means that he can be himself.” 

Orion3 enables Ben to enjoy the lifestyle he’s always loved, without having to worry about unexpected weather or uneven terrain. Ben can simply head outdoors, embrace spontaneity, and take on adventure once more. 

"Nothing else has come close to giving me the freedom to live life and do things how I want to do them."

Orion3 5

Key Features:

  • Water Resistant up to IP55 level, providing protection against the ingress of fresh water.
  • Unique Pneumatic Swing, allowing for smooth flexion and extension, reducing effort for the wearer and giving confidence that their knee is exactly where they need it to be.
  • Situational Awareness, able to sense movement and respond in real time for maximum safety.
  • Enhanced Stability Performance, delivering five levels of stance resistance to optimise safety at all times: Controlled Stance Support, Standing Support, Dynamic Slope and Stair Descent, Stumble Recovery and Supported Sitting.

Easy and Intuitive Programming in just two minutes via the app, available for both iOS and Android devices.

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