Ian Logue: Orion3 Knee

Ian Logue has had quite the journey. A motorcycle accident 42 years ago left him as an amputee, changing his life as he knew it. However, Ian's story is about resilience and determination, not despair. His newfound freedom and independence came from the advent of microprocessor controlled knees of which the Orion3 is the most advanced, a remarkable technology that has transformed his life.

Ian's journey with prosthetics began after his accident. He reflects, "I've been an amputee for 42 years. Yeah, it was a result of a road traffic accident." This would be a tough blow for most people, but Ian found a way to regain his freedom through technology.

For Ian, the Orion3 represents true freedom. He explains, "It's the freedom to do what I want to do when I want to do it." The Orion3 is not just another gadget; it has become his ticket to a new world of mobility and independence.

Ian raves about how the Orion3 has revolutionised his life by simplifying the act of walking. He remembers when he had to think about the terrain around him constantly, and now, with the Orion3, he doesn't need to worry about it. The prosthetic allows him to carry on with his daily life without much thought.

Ian also points out the constant evolution of Blatchford's prosthetic products, including the Orion3 and the Echelon ER. These advancements have allowed him to focus on other aspects of his life, knowing that his prosthetic supports him in every situation.

When it comes to his prosthetic, Ian is straightforward. He doesn't consider himself disabled when he's wearing it. He boldly states...

I'm not disabled when I've got my prosthetic on. I'm disabled when I haven't got my prosthetic on.

The Orion3 has become a crucial part of his life, empowering him to chase his passions without holding back.

The Orion3 offers Ian a range of features that seriously ups his mobility game, like having a five-speed gearbox that lets him pick up the pace without hassle. Plus, the energy-saving features of the prosthetic mean he can do more without breaking a sweat.

Ian's life has been transformed since he started wearing the Orion3 prosthetic knee

One of the most extraordinary things about the Orion3 is that it's water-resistant. Ian points out that this feature has opened a new world of possibilities. There is no need to stress about avoiding water, whether walking in a stream with his dog, washing his car or gardening.

Ian Logue's journey is a shining example of how technology can work wonders in improving the lives of individuals with disabilities. The Orion3 prosthetic has given him the freedom to live life to the fullest, follow his passions, and savour every moment. Ian's story reminds us that we can conquer life's curveballs and turn our dreams into reality with determination and innovative solutions.