Megan’s Scoliosis Clinic Story

Megan Scoliosis

After being diagnosed with scoliosis in 2016 Megan decided to come to Blatchford Clinic to be fitted with the Gensingen Brace. Here Megan tells us how having the brace has allowed her to carry on doing all the activities she loves.

My name is Megan; I am 13 years old and I live in Brussels. I was born in England and moved to Belgium in 2010. At the age of 12, I was diagnosed with scoliosis after an x-ray revealed a 27-degree lumbar curve. In Belgium I was fitted out with a Boston brace which I did not like because it was big and bulky; I feared it would be uncomfortable and make me really hot. I really didn’t like the look of it; therefore, it is hidden in my wardrobe!

We first heard about the Gensingen Brace from a girl who I made friends with at the scoliosis physiotherapy course in London. We went on to research the Gensingen Brace and where we could get one made. That’s when we heard about the Blatchford Clinic. On my first visit, they made a purple butterfly brace for me in less than 24 hours which I got used to in just 48 hours!

Since then I have been wearing it around 22 hours a day. I actually quite enjoyed choosing the colours of the straps. I first chose white straps, but I have now changed them to purple straps because they don’t get dirty as quickly.

The first day back at school I showed most of my friends and after a day or two nobody mentions my brace as its barely visible, due to its neat fitting.

Despite wearing my brace, I enjoy a normal life for a teenage girl. I enjoy horse riding, ice skating and dancing; amazingly I can do all except the dance with my brace on. In fact, my skating teacher tells me it improves my posture. I only ever remove my brace when I do dance, swim or when I do my physio exercises; occasionally I take it off when it gets super-hot!

Fran, Steve, Rachel and everyone at the clinic are all really lovely, caring and supportive. They make me feel at home; which is always a bonus!

The Gensingen Brace® was designed by Dr Hans Weiss in Germany and, along with the support-ing Schroth Best Practice® exercise rehabilitation, is a proven and effective non-surgical scoliosis treatment. The latest 3D scanning technology is combined with advanced clinical expertise to pro-vide a spinal brace bespoke to each patient. The brace is streamlined to the body to make it barely visible under clothes.