Maree’s Momentum Story: Impossible is now possible.

Maree Rls

In 2015 43-year old Maree, who lives in Brazil, slipped on some rocks whilst out walking and fractured her ankle. Following some complications on what was thought initially to be a relatively simple fracture; Maree went on to require several surgeries and now has fixing plates and screws in place. Previously very fit, walking and cycling long distances daily as her primary means of transport, Maree found she was unable to walk for more than 20 minutes at a time and struggled with chronic pain.

On the other side of the world, living in New Zealand, Maree’s Mum read about the Momentum brace in the newspaper after someone from New Zealand had travelled to the UK for treatment. After speaking to her, Maree got in touch with Blatchford Clinic to find out if she was suitable before travelling to the UK in September 2017 for treatment.

Maree was fitted with her Momentum brace by Blatchford Clinic and received rehab during her stay at STEPS Rehab. She is now able to walk pain-free and even managed to go for a long walk in the peak district during one of her rehab sessions.

Maree commented: “I can now do things that were impossible before like running, jumping and squatting. I can’t feel any pain at all, it’s unbelievable! The treatment I’ve received from Blatchford and STEPS has been really excellent!”