Julie's Elan IC Story

Julie's Elan IC Story

Julie shares her story of being born with a congenital defect and, after multiple surgeries and a lot of pain, having her left leg amputated below the knee. She explains how her first prosthetic foot – a fixed ankle – made her feel like she was missing her ankle but how moving to a microprocessor foot – the ElanIC – has changed her life and given her ankle back! Now she has the stability and mobility that she needs to do all the things she loves.



ElanIC is the world’s lightest and most compact waterproof microprocessor hydraulic ankle. It features a discreet, compact and lightweight design that is clinically proven to give greater comfort, improved safety, a smoother gait and balanced limb loading.

  • Waterproof 
  • Induction charging 
  • Compact & Lightweight Design 
  • Integrated Bluetooth®
  • Clinician programming app (Android)
  • Sandal Toe Foot Shell
  • Microprocessor controlled self-aligning plantarflexion and dorsiflexion
  • Standing support mode increases resistance when stationary to help improve balance, stability, reduce effort and encourage a more natural posture
  • Variable response to speed changes
  • Increased plantarflexion resistance allows for more energy storage and return when walking quickly or up slopes
  • Ankle remains dorsiflexed during swing phase to increase toe clearance and reduce risk of trips and falls
  • Increased dorsiflexion resistance provides a brake when walking down slopes for improved safety and stability