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Blatchford's Silcare Prosthetic Socket Liners

Silcare and Silcare Breathe liners are a unique patented design from Blatchford that allow amputees to stay cool and comfortable all day.

They have optimally-sized, laser drilled perforations to allow moisture to escape, resulting in drier skin, a more secure fit and a healthier environment for the residual limb.

The laser drilled perforations transmit moisture away from the skin to ensure a comfortable, cool and secure fit for the user. Managing moisture in this way helps to reduce the damaging effects of friction and improves comfort and control.


Silcare Breathe Liners


How Silcare Breathe Works

The patented technology of Silcare Breathe works by letting air and perspiration normally trapped between the liner and skin escape through specially shaped holes.

The action of walking and weight bearing on the liner expels air through the pores, and with the use of a one way valve, helps to generate a better vacuum and more secure fit, allowing the user to wear their prosthesis for longer as they benefit from an improved fit throughout the day.

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Breathable Technology for Drier Skin and Socket Security

Traditional vacuum systems expel air between the interface liner and the socket and can leave air and moisture trapped inside the liner.

With Silcare and Silcare Breathe liners, the perforations allow the vacuum to draw air and moisture not only from between the liner and socket but also from between the skin and liner to help improve suspension, security and comfort.

Learn more about our line of Silcare and Silcare Breathe liners (all are available in either locking or cushion options):

Silcare Breathe Active: Suitable for K3 and K4 Activity Levels.

Silcare Active: Fabric cover gentle on fragile skin. Available in both locking and cushion.

Silcare Breathe Walk: Super soft silicone, available in both locking and cushion versions. Suitable for K1 and K2 wearers or those with sensitive or fragile residual limb tissue.

Silcare Walk: Soft silicone to improve cushioning at the distal end. Suitable for K1 and K2 wearers or those with sensitive or fragile residual limb tissue.

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Silcare Breathe Active

Blatchford’s original liner range using a firmer silicone. Suitable for

more active users i.e. those who have an activity level of 3 or 4


  • Firmer silicone for firmer connection between residual limb and liner
  • Improvements in residual limb health and wound healing, compared to non-perforated liners
  • Improved heat dissipation compared to other temperature regulation solutions
  • Removes sweat from skin-liner
  • Reduces the need to remove prosthesis throughout the day to dry residual limb, compared to non-perforated liners
  • Easy to put on
  • Seamless bi-directional stretch to improve comfort and forces on the knee are reduced as it flexes
  • Tendresse finish provides a lower coefficient of friction than standard silicone, reducing shear stresses on skin
  • 6 month warranty
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