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Community Support

Community Support

Blatchford understands how important support is at this point in an amputee's life. No doubt, as a caregiver, you too are very aware of how important it is to support the amputee in a variety of ways. 

Below are a few things that may help the amputee keep moving and motivated to pursue their mobility dreams:

Encourage the amputee in your life to:

  • Regularly attend their physical therapy appointments.
  • Regularly attend mental health counselling.
  • To stay as active as they are able.
  • Join online support groups, such as Facebook Groups - search for "amputee support group" for larger groups and search on "amputee support groups near me" for smaller, local groups.

    There are many different public and private Facebook groups that amputees and caregivers can search using terms such as:

    "amputee motivation"
    "amputee lifestyle"
    "amputee peers"
    "amputee help"
    "above knee amputees"
    "below knee amputees"
    "amputee health"
    "amputee and trauma support"
    "amputee forum"
    "amputee problems"

    These support groups are full of other people worldwide and even in their own community, who are going through similar challenges in their lives. Encourage the amputee to try different groups to find the best groups that work for them.

  • Work closely with the amputee and their certified prosthetist to find the best product for their lifestyle and physical needs.
  • Work towards staying busy. Every human deserves to have autonomy and to be able to push forward to pursue goals in our lives. Staying busy by helping others, helping in the community, providing for themselves or their family....all of these things can be a great sources of satisfaction and empowerment. 

Caregivers Are Invaluable 

Depending on how the amputee became an amputee, it may take some people a little longer than others to start their physical and mental healing. This is where caregivers are invaluable resources than can help encourage, guide and support amputees as they take on the changes in their life.

Online Therapy

BKA Understanding Prosthetics

Become an Ambassador of Mobility!

Our Ambassadors are busy telling their stories and helping others in their community. They are raising public awareness around limb loss and care about making a positive difference in people's lives.

They are inspirational, motivational and unstoppable positive forces in the lower limb amputee community!

Please consider joining our Ambassadors of Mobility! We'd love to have you share your experience as a caregiver in the amputee community!

Understanding Prosthetics

Whether you are a new amputee or have lived with amputation for awhile, prosthetic technology can be overwhelming. We explain some of the technology behind today’s prosthetics and how Blatchford uses the natural working of the human body to influence the design of our products.



BMK2 - Mechanical Knee


Everyday Freedom

Thanks to its lightweight, compact design, the BMK2 is helping people regain their independence and their confidence. The BMK2 is a simple and affordable mechanical knee that provides stability, security and easy, smooth walking for K2 users.

Stance Flexion provides additional shock absorption & cushioning for greater comfort. Because the BMK2 is lighter and easier to use, it requires less energy for movement which leads to longer, more enjoyable walks.