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Below are a few suggestions that may help when visiting with a prosthetist:

1.) Make a list of questions that you and the amputee have to bring with you to the prosthetist.

Bring a note pad or use your phone to take notes as the prosthetist talks so that you can help keep a list of instructions handy.

Sometimes the prosthetist shares links to watch instructional videos about caring for the residual limb or how to wear the artificial limb.

2.) Bring both shoes that the amputee wishes to wear to the first appointment with the prosthetist.

3.) After the patient is fitted for the new socket and new device, it is then custom-made. The prosthetist will adjust and readjust the device until the patient feels there is a good fit and feels confident to be begin using the device at home. This will take many different visits, so be prepared to help the amputee with a variety of visits.

4.) Depending on the device, the patient may be taught how to lock/unlock the device and make small adjustments to properly fit the device with a cosmetic cover.

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Since life is movement, we know how important it is to stay moving. You can help the patient by encouraging them to avoid missing their physical therapy and mental health appointments.

Being part of the amputee community online or in-person may also be another great way for them to stay encouraged about their future.

Family, friends and caregivers can work with the patient and their prosthetist to find the best product for the amputee. Regardless of where they patient is in their journey; Blatchford has a lower limb product that will give the patient the freedom to get back to their former activity.

We have a variety of resources and information on topics related to an amputee's new prosthetic:

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