EchelonER is designed to allow for better stability and confidence

Posted on 27 March 2023

The extended range of the EchelonER means patients can enjoy more choices and a more active lifestyle with this innovative hydraulic ankle 

Blatchford was one of the first to pioneer hydraulic ankles. The use of hydraulics within prosthetic limbs has created many clinically proven improvements for patients.  

Hydraulic ankles help with load symmetry to allow more even weight distribution and lower risk of osteoarthritis and back pain. It lowers with caloric energy expenditure, meaning patients are less tired from using the prosthetic device and there’s less expenditure from the healthy limb. There’s an improvement in gait quality for patients using hydraulic ankles that allows for faster walking speeds, improved posture, and more natural walking, especially when dealing with uneven terrain. 

Echelon Prosthetic Foot 

For Blatchford, there are many products that rely on hydraulic technology, but none exemplify the adaptability and proficiency of these innovations like the Echelon line of products.  

For each of the Echelon ankles, they feature an E-Carbon Foot Spring Technology that helps to store and release energy in a way that creates better harmony in a range of movements. When dealing with slopes, the hydraulic ankles have a natural motion and greater control that gives more certainty to the patient. The ankle has increased range giving the body the ability to move forward past the foot when ascending, as well as controlling a descent by not forcing the leg forward. 

EchelonER for Mobility and Stability 

The EchelonER has all these innovations and more, making it an even more versatile limb that’s ideal for those that enjoy a more active lifestyle. The ER represents Extended Range, because the EchelonER has the greatest range of movement in the Echelon Range 

This ankle is designed to change levels of energy expenditure depending on the activity level. When adapting to increased speed, the springs inside the device retain greater tension to release higher levels of energy, while relaxing at lower speeds to be more accommodating.  The added range of movement also makes barefoot walking possible, giving flexibility on footwear depending on the activity and personal preference.  

The Echelon ER also better accommodates standing and sitting by easing the motions through the extended range of movement. This also means that while sitting, the prosthesis conforms to the ground in a way that eases pressure on the residual limb for a more comfortable position. This also applies while standing, providing stability and comfortable support to the amputee. 

Lastly, the EchelonER boasts a waterproof and robust design to help keep up with the most demanding of activities. The waterproof composition includes a top cap shape that more effectively lets water escape through the tube. These attributes combine to make a durable and versatile prosthetic ankle that can allow for a myriad of activities. Showering barefoot is a real possibility due to the extended range and waterproof aspects. Additionally, those that wish to engage in more hardy activities can rest assured that the prosthesis will not be the limiting factor. Any patient that has enjoyed hiking or scrambling can feel confident when resuming these activities because inclement weather or small streams will not be the end of their journey. 

The Echelon ER is a robust foot that is adaptable for more demanding activities and provides flexibility in day-to-day life to enable users to explore what’s possible. From Nick Evans, one of the patients that relies on the Echelon says, “I do a lot of photography and can do a session that’s twelve hours straight. I couldn’t do that before and this Echelon foot is absolutely life changing!” This award-winning technology is just another example of how Blatchford has engineered innovative solutions that provide patients with better choices and better outcomes.