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EchelonER is our latest hydraulic ankle and broadens the Echelon Range by combining all the unique features and award-winning technology of Echelon with an extended range of ankle movement.

Featuring an all-new robust and waterproof design, the extended range provides users with even more ground compliance on steep slopes and uneven terrain. Combined with improved accommodation of heel height, users have greater flexibility with footwear choice and a seamless transition to barefoot walking is possible. EchelonER also self-aligns with the ground when users are seated which enables a relaxed foot position, a natural look, and reduces pressure on the residual limb.

The result is a robust foot that is adaptable for more demanding activities and provides flexibility in day-to-day life to enable users to explore what’s possible.

  • Activity level 3
  • Suitable for outdoor use

EchelonER Unique Features

  • Extended Range of Movement

     Extended Range of Movement

    Range of movement is a crucial design consideration to enable users to safely and efficiently walk on sloped surfaces, a common daily activity. EchelonER has the greatest range of movement in the Echelon Range and has specifically been designed to provide more ground compliance on steep slopes and uneven terrain. EchelonER also uses the range of movement selectively depending on certain activities to prevent excessive energy expenditure. When walking at higher speeds for example, the range of movement decreases and the foot springs become more dominant, leading to higher levels of energy return. At slower speeds, the range of movement increases to enable the foot to conform to the ground more effectively.

  • Flexible Footwear Choice

    Flexible Footwear Choice

    Flexibility of footwear and a seamless transition to barefoot walking is now a possibility. The extended range of movement allows for greater accommodation in heel height, giving users even more freedom and flexibility in their day-to-day life.

  • Natural Sitting & Standing

    Natural Sitting & Standing

    EchelonER automatically aligns with the ground when users are seated. This enables a relaxed foot position, a natural look, and reduced pressure on the residual limb. The extended range also means sitting down and standing up is easier and more natural as users can place their foot more directly beneath themselves, requiring less effort.

  • Robust & Waterproof Design

    Robust & Waterproof Design

    EchelonER enhances a proven design and is robust enough to keep up with the most demanding of activities. It also brings added versatility and peace of mind to daily life with a waterproof design that features a brand-new top cap shape, to more effectively allow water to escape from within the tube.

  • Increased Toe Clearance

    Increased Toe Clearance

    Stumbles and falls are a major issue for amputees and one way to address this is to increase the level of toe clearance. EchelonER not only utilizes our hydraulic ankle technology, which is proven to provide an average 18% increase in toe clearance compared to a non-hydraulic ankle, but when combined with the extended range of movement the result is even more toe clearance.

Emily’s Story

Adria’s Story

Unique & Proven Echelon Technology

The Echelon range sits at the heart of our pioneering prosthetic philosophy which makes our products so popular with users around the world. Created with a sharp focus on replicating a natural and safe walking experience, each product in the Echelon Range has a characteristic to suit different users and their requirements, providing confidence in every step.


  • E-Carbon Foot Spring Technology

    E-Carbon Foot Spring Technology

    This not only provides excellent energy storing and release properties but also works in harmony with the range of movement in the ankle to provide a natural and comfortable walking experience.

  • Natural Motion & Control

    Natural Motion & Control

    When walking up slopes, the additional range allows the body to move forward over the foot, reducing energy requirements by making rollover easier. When walking down slopes, the foot complies with the slope without forcing the leg forward, allowing for a more controlled descent.

  • Hydraulic Ankle Technology

    Hydraulic Ankle Technology

    Hydraulic damping and foot springs produce a visco-elastic response that simulates the behaviour of muscles by storing and releasing energy. When compared to non-hydraulic ankles*, this technology is clinically proven to provide comfort, safety, natural walking, balanced limb loading and overall greater patient satisfaction. *Clinical studies, latest research papers and full references available on our website.

Scientifically Proven

Clinical Compendium Cover 1

Clinical Compendium

Blatchford Biomimetic Hydraulic Technology mimics the dynamic and adaptive qualities of muscle actuation to encourage more natural gait. Multiple independent scientific studies, comparing Blatchford hydraulic ankle-feet to non-hydraulic feet, have shown:

  • Greater comfort, reduced socket pressures
  • Improved safety, reduced risk of trips and falls
  • Smoother, easier and more natural gait
  • More evenly balanced inter-limb loading
  • Greater satisfaction
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Clinical Evidence

Over a decade after challenging conventional wisdom, new scientific evidence continues to be published on the medical advantages of hydraulic ankles. Discover our White Paper ‘A Study of Hydraulic Ankles’.


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