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Our Technology

Innovators of New Technology

Founded in 1890, we have a long history of firsts and continue to be widely recognised for our commitment to innovation in the industry.

We are proud to have created the very first commercially available hydraulic ankle, the first microprocessor-controlled hydraulic ankle and the world’s first fully integrated limb system.

Our pioneering technology has also been the recipient of many prestigious awards including the Queen’s Award, the MacRobert Award, the German Design Award and the Medical Design Excellence Award.

Linx Awards

Biomimetic Lower Limb Prosthetics with Performance Response Technology

We look to the complex biological make-up of the human ankle and foot for inspiration. The knee was the first prosthetic joint to be controlled by microprocessors and have been through many stages of development over the years.

Every product we make contains Performance Response Technology®; the next generation of biomimetic prosthetics. Biomimicry is a practice that learns from and mimics the strategies found in nature to solve human design challenges.

Replication of natural motion is at the heart of our design philosophy. Our award winning range of products are designed to help individuals achieve the best possible mobility, function comfort and long-term health.

Biomimicry Technology


Blatchford Has Paved the Way in Innovative Lower Limb Prosthetics!

When our engineers and prosthetists and teams work together using a holistic approach to product design, we focus on designing around the whole person and not just their mobility limitation.

This ensures we develop solutions that not only help people to get the most out of every day, but to do so in a way that cares for their long-term health and wellbeing.

Through extensive collaboration, we also work to provide clinical evidence and inform best practice in the industry to give healthcare providers the confidence to prescribe and find solutions that deliver results.

As a caregiver or an amputee, you have the option to choose the brand you want to use! Talk to your prosthetist about Blatchford prosthetic options; from our prosthetic feet, to ankles, knees and even the entire limb system we have developed!


High Tech at It's Best - A Entire Lower Limb System Designed Exclusively by Blatchford

Linx, created by Blatchford, is the world’s only fully integrated limb and winner of multiple awards for design and innovation.

Working as one limb, Linx delivers an experience that mimics the incredible and complex structure of the human leg by actively sensing and analysing data on the user movement, activity, environment and terrain providing a coordinated stream of instructions to the hydraulic support system.

Linx Integrated Limb System

BKA Understanding Prosthetics

Join Blatchford's Ambassadors of Mobility!

Our Ambassadors are busy telling their stories and helping others in their community. They are raising public awareness around limb loss and care about making a positive difference in people's lives.

They are inspirational, motivational and unstoppable positive forces in the lower limb amputee community!

Please consider joining our Ambassadors of Mobility! We'd love to have you share your experience as a caregiver in the amputee community!



BMK2 - Mechanical Knee


Everyday Freedom

Thanks to its lightweight, compact design, the BMK2 is helping people regain their independence and their confidence. The BMK2 is a simple and affordable mechanical knee that provides stability, security and easy, smooth walking for K2 users.

Stance Flexion provides additional shock absorption & cushioning for greater comfort. Because the BMK2 is lighter and easier to use, it requires less energy for movement which leads to longer, more enjoyable walks.


Understanding Prosthetics

Whether you are a new amputee or have lived with amputation for a while, prosthetic technology can be overwhelming. We explain some of the technology behind today’s prosthetics and how Blatchford uses the natural working of the human body to influence the design of our products.

The Blatchford Community

For over 130 years Blatchford has designed and produced some of the world's most advanced artificial limbs and mobility solutions. Learn more about resources available to help you and/or the amputee in your life!

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