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Above Knee Prosthetic Limbs

Above Knee Prosthetics

A transfemoral amputation, also known as an above knee amputation (AKA), is an amputation at or above the knee joint. An above knee prosthesis replaces this part of the leg.

What Are the Parts Included in an Above Knee Prosthesis?

1.) A suspension sleeve or liner like Silcare Breathe
2.) A socket (the most important part of getting a great fit!)
3.) The prosthetic knee 
4.) The pylon or shin tube (connecting the knee and foot together) 
5.) The prosthetic foot

Above Knee Prosthesis Diagram

How Do You Know What Type of Knee the Amputee Will Need?

Depending on the patient's activity level, different knees are available to fit the patient's activity level. The surgeon or physician will prescribe the level of prosthetic they think will be the best match for the patient and will send a copy of the prescription to the prosthetist. The prosthetist then works with the caregiver and patient to decide what device will work best.

For example, if the patient has been an extremely active person, they could consider K3 or K4 knees as options that would work well for their lifestyle. If they are less active, but still need a very stable knee for getting up or walking, a K2 knee may work better for what they may need. The physician performing the amputation will discuss this with the patient before the surgery and will write the prescription.

KX07 Mechanical KneeOrion Microprocessor Knee

Mechanical Knee                                      Microprocessor Knee

The Amputee and Their Prosthetist

The prosthetist will work closely with you and the amputee to craft a well-fitting socket for the residual limb. You and the amputee will want to examine the different types of above knee prostheses that are available. You will have different brands to choose from, and ultimately, it is the amputee's choice as to the brand they feel will be the best solution for their specific situation.

How Can Caregivers Be of Assistance to the Prosthetist?

Stay in close touch with the prosthetist, make/bring a list of questions for them to the amputee's next visit. The prosthetist and their office staff are there for you and the amputee and can help you both through challenges and answer questions.

The prosthetist is a wealth of knowledge and resources, so don't forget to ask them about peer support resources for you and the amputee, as well as the level of communication they will have with the amputee's physical therapist and rehabilitation team.



BMK2 - Mechanical Knee


Everyday Freedom

Thanks to its lightweight, compact design, the BMK2 is helping people regain their independence and their confidence. The BMK2 is a simple and affordable mechanical knee that provides stability, security and easy, smooth walking for K2 users.

Stance flexion provides additional shock absorption & cushioning for greater comfort. Because the BMK2 is lighter and easier to use, it requires less energy for movement which leads to longer, more enjoyable walks.


Understanding Prosthetic Limbs

Whether you are a new amputee or have lived with amputation for a while, prosthetic technology can be overwhelming. We explain some of the technology behind today’s prosthetics and how Blatchford uses the natural working of the human body to influence the design of our products.

BKA Understanding Prosthetics

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