Mick's Tectus® Journey:
From Struggles to Confidence

Meet Mick, a steward at a shooting range who has faced some severe challenges in his life. In 2007, he had a stroke that turned his world upside down. "I had a stroke in 2007," Mick says. "It took me 18 months to 3 years to walk again."

This stroke left Mick with a range of difficulties. It impacted his left side, leaving him with muscle weakness and speech issues. Over the years, he worked tirelessly to regain his mobility. But, his left leg remained weak, and his ankle felt wobbly. He described it as feeling like his "ankle just goes to jelly."

But here's where things take a turn for the better. Mick discovered Tectus®, a game-changing micro-processor controlled KAFO designed to improve mobility and support people like him.

According to Mick, "With the Tectus®, it's generally improving my life. It eases the pain in my knee and helps support the knee, which gives me confidence. I'm less likely to get problems on my right side from excess wear or imbalance of my gait."

One of the most incredible things about Tectus® is the impact its having on Micks mobility. Mick says...

By allowing me to walk more normally it's retraining my brain. Although the signals will never re-grow they're re-routing, so it's retraining my brain as well.

The impact of Tectus® goes beyond mobility. Mick noticed improvements in his overall health, too. He said, "I'm walking more upright, so I feel it's better for my back and core. This now gives me many more opportunities for exercise and my health."

Living close to the beach, Mick's newfound mobility has allowed him to explore the scenic promenade and sandy shores freely. He added, "I live a hundred yards from the sea. I have COPD, and I believe it is helping that because my stress levels are down a bit due to my confidence. It just seems to be less strain on my lungs."

Tectus® has also improved Mick's confidence on various terrains. He mentioned, "Gravel paths are a nightmare for me with ordinary shoes, but Tectus supports my foot and ankle. I'm walking more looking forward, not just down at my feet all the time."

Mick's newfound mobility and confidence have extended to his work at the shooting range. He can now perform his duties without assistance, significantly boosting his independence and self-esteem.

In closing, Mick expressed his gratitude for the Tectus® system, saying, "To me, it has improved vastly the quality of my life. It's all part of life structure now."

Mick's story reminds us that with determination and the right tools, we can overcome challenges and enjoy a higher quality of life. Tectus® has been a game-changer for Mick, proving that technology can make a big difference in people's lives.