A Remarkable Journey with Tectus®: Meet Alex, ex-military

Imagine serving in the military, one day life takes an unexpected turn - that's precisely what happened to Alex.

In 2013, Alex was wounded and his life-altering injury resulting in Cauda Equina syndrome after herniated spinal discs. A decade later, he still grappled with right lower limb weakness, chronic sciatic pain, hip issues, and lower back pain. However, his life dramatically changed for the better when he discovered Tectus®, a microprocessor-controlled knee, ankle, and foot orthosis (KAFO). Let's dive into Alex's inspiring journey and explore how Tectus® technology has transformed his life.

Thanks to Tectus, Alex feels more balanced and more confident when he stands.

A Tale of Resilience

Looking back at that fateful day, Alex recalls, "I had that injury back in 2013 while serving in the British Army." The injury left him paralysed from his right knee to his right ankle, confining him to a wheelchair for several years. It began an incredibly challenging journey filled with rehabilitation and unwavering determination.

The Tectus® Revelation

Tectus® is a game-changing microprocessor-controlled KAFO, bringing innovations to assistive devices. In Alex's words, it's like "applying microprocessor technology to something that's never had it before." This technological marvel equips the device with intelligent and intuitive features, mimicking natural human movement.

One standout feature of Tectus® is its ability to enable "reciprocal gait" or leg-over-leg descending of stairs, a feat that seemed impossible. Alex vividly compares this to the traditional method, saying, "Traditionally, I'd have to crab down the stairs sideways, like someone on crutches trying to get downstairs."

Empowering Independence and Confidence

Alex's testimonial highlights the transformative power of Tectus®. It has allowed him to navigate bustling environments like the London Underground easily. "I'm not holding people up or feeling anxious about getting knocked down," he says, underscoring the newfound sense of independence it has provided. He adds, "As far as I know, nothing else like this allows you to do that."

Comparing the experience of adding a microprocessor to his leg to getting his first smartphone, Alex notes, "It's pretty mind-blowing to see how far this technology has come." Tectus® is a game-changer for those who have lost mobility, like Alex. It levels the playing field and brings them closer to regaining their freedom.

Seamlessly Fitting into an Active Life

Alex leads an active and demanding lifestyle as a full-time professional British Paralympic ski team athlete. Tectus® seamlessly integrates into his daily routine, enabling him to keep up with his rigorous training and travel schedule.

I finish every day with much more energy than I used to have, less back pain, and less anxiety.

Alex's remarkable journey from the depths of physical limitations to newfound freedom and confidence, exemplifies the life-changing potential of Tectus®. This groundbreaking technology not only restores mobility but also empowers individuals to live life on their own terms. Alex aptly says, "It almost feels like you're using your leg again."

Tectus® is not just a device; it's a symbol of hope, resilience, and the boundless possibilities that technology can offer to enhance the quality of life for those facing physical challenges.

Meet Alex - Tectus wearer