The innovative Atlas Helmet Range has been developed by Blatchford in response to a clinical survey, fulfilling your requests for:

  • Improved design options
  • Extended colour choices, including natural hair shades
  • A discreet helmet to enable concealment under a ‘beanie’ style of hat
  • Removable strap arrangement
  • Accurate CAD CAM reproduction of anatomical measures
  • Adjustability to accommodate swelling
  • Wipe clean materials
  • The protection and appearance of cycling or winter sports helmets


Subsequently, 15 years of manufacturing experience have been distilled by the Blatchford team in Sheffield to create the Atlas Helmet Range. Bringing together the latest developments in materials, robotics and patient specific data capturing, CAD-CAM technology moulds the helmets to a PU foam model. The result is a truly bespoke and optimised orthosis perfectly matched to the patient’s shape that ensures the best anatomical fit, comfort and function with enhanced cosmetic appearance.

Our technical team are happy to discuss the best option for your requirements.

Available in a range custom graphics...

Dolphin Sea Football background - redCute owlsPixel gaming graphicscartoon princessesrocket designcreepy skullsrainbow unicornsand many more


Ordering and Enquiries:

Ordering from Blatchford's Atlas Helmet Range is simple and easy. You can contact our Customer Services directly:

Telephone: +44 (0) 114 2637900
Email: [email protected]
Facsimile: +44 (0) 114 2637901
Post: Blatchford Limited, 11 Atlas Way, Atlas North, Sheffield, S4 7QQ.

*All measurements are shown in mm.