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UK Patient Solutions

At Blatchford we focus on the person, helping them to achieve greater confidence and success in their choice of everyday activities

Blatchford provides a range of mobility services to UK patients at NHS-run and private clinics.

We also provide clinical services to injured UK military personnel at DMRC Stanford Hall.

In the UK, every patient requiring treatment will be seen and treated by the NHS. Depending on the nature and circumstance of their injury or diagnosis, patients may then receive continued care via an NHS-run centre or could be referred to a private clinic to continue their rehabilitation and recovery journey.

Our approach always starts with understanding the patient, their story and their mobility goals. Blatchford recognises the value of an efficient (and responsive) path from referral to successful treatment. That is why we provide each patient with:

  • convenient appointments
  • evidence-based pathways
  • high-quality product solutions to meet immediate individual patient needs 
  • helping each patient plan for their future mobility needs 
  • assisting every patient through their journey of rehabilitation 

Our experienced multi-disciplinary team of clinicians have a wealth of experience in all areas
of rehabilitation. They ensure treatment plans are tailored to return each patient, as far as
possible, to their pre-injury level of mobility.

Our private services at The Blatchford Clinic work closely with case managers, insurers and legal professionals, to provide immediate needs assessments, bespoke treatment packages and expert witness services.

Professional Bodies

All Blatchford clinicians are registered with The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and we work closely with the following professional bodies: 


Clinical services

Whether you are a new amputee, or are suffering with a mobility impairment we provide a wide range of solutions at our clinics, to help you regain your mobility.

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