Blatchford is awarded the Bristol Paediatric Orthotic Contract

Posted on 25 July 2016

Bristol Contract News

It was announced on Friday 27th May that Blatchford has been successfully awarded the contract for the orthotic service at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

Opened in 2001 and part of the University Bristol Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children was the first purpose-built hospital for children in the South West of England and provides neurosurgery, cardiology, radiology, orthopaedic surgery and many other treatments for complex conditions. The Bristol Royal Hospital for Children is a renowned centre for the treatment of children across a wide range of specialities.

The service provided assessment and provision of orthotics to approximately 1000 children in 2014/15 with orthotic expertise to deliver high quality products and excellent patient satisfaction. Blatchford is currently the sole provider for both the Sheffield and Birmingham Children’s Hospitals and deliver services for children in a number of acute and community settings.

The three year paediatric orthotic service commenced in June 2016.