Prosthetists in Seminar at German key customer event 2022

Blatchford Germany Customer Event 2022

Posted on 29 April 2024

On 28 and 29 September 2022, Blatchford Europe and the sales team invited 25 of their German key customers to a two-day training event at the beautiful PRECISE RESORT Hafendorf Rheinsberg. The focus of the training at the event was on hydraulic knuckle technology and our microprocessor product lines, such as ElanIC, Orion3 and Linx. With the help of our two brand ambassadors Frank and Matthias, we also adapted our current product portfolio and demonstrated it live. Another important topic was our roundtable discussion, which focused on our collaboration and exchange of best practices.

Our Global Education Manager and Senior Prosthetist Mike Magee had travelled all the way from the USA for this event. He guided customers through the Blatchford technology and clinical trials demonstrating the benefits for prosthesis wearers. Alexander Hess-Sonne, Education Manager Europe, presented Blatchford's unique hydraulic technology. The round-table discussions were conducted by our technical experts Torben Henneke, Hans Neumeier and Kai Schröder. There was an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and network among like-minded people.

Together with our experts and inspiring users, we went on a journey of discovery. The participants experienced the new dimension of movement in the field of microprocessor technology through the live presentations with current scientific findings and accompanying motivational lectures.

A great event, a wonderful team, a great event in a very special place. Many thanks to our customers, our users Frank and Matthias and the entire Blatchford team for the professional execution of the event!

Prosthetists in Seminar at German key customer event 2022