Blatchford wows with Turbomed at National Footdrop Awareness Day

Posted on 22 September 2023

In early 2023 Fin Jones' world changed when he suffered a spinal cord injury. Then in September 2023, he attended the National Footdrop Awareness Day, and he was blown away by the difference that Turbomed made in his ability to walk.

This device is going to help me in so many ways and I am excited to see what the future holds!

Fin Jones. Turbomed wearer

In Fin's own words...

"In early 2023 my world changed when I suffered from a spinal cord injury. The spinal cord injury has left me with substantial nerve damage to my right lower side of my body. Most of my right leg muscles are weaker or not able to communicate due to the nerve damage.

The turbomed foot drop ankle brace is perfect for Fin and his busy lifestyle.

On my right leg I have a complete drop foot meaning that I am unable to have any control of my right foot and is essentially floppy. I left the hospital with two toe-off ankle foot orthoses (AFO). I was trying to progress as much as possible after leaving hospital with the toe-off AFO but I felt over braced wearing them, my foot and lower leg was stuck at 90 degrees all the time.

I did my own research about foot drop and found a foot drop awareness event where Blatchford demonstrated the Turbomed AFO. I was very keen to try it. Immediately trying the Turbomed AFO it felt so much more natural, and my right ankle clicked while I was walking for the first-time post injury. When my ankle clicked, I knew this AFO was a much more natural movement and that I had reached the limits of my toe-off AFO.

Fin receiving his Turbomed footdrop brace at our Blatchford clinic

I then attended the Sheffield Private Clinic for the fitting of my perfectly sized Turbomed Summit. I am so grateful to Blatchford for doing this. Currently I use crutches on a day-to-day basis for extra support alongside the Turbomed Xtern Summit.

This device is going to help me in so many ways and I am excited to see what the future holds!"

National Footdrop Society

Blatchford is a proud supporter of the National Footdrop Society and this year we were honored to take part in their National Footdrop Awareness Day, with dozens of patients taking the opportunity to try out Turbomed footdrop braces.


Turbomed footdrop braces