Our water-resistant Orion3 microprocessor prosthetic knee has been expertly designed to prioritise the safety and stability for activity level 3 walkers, offering a very natural experience across different terrains and speeds. Our Orion3 promises to give the user even more control of their health and mobility, with even more advanced technology for a superior walking experience.

Enhanced Stability Performance

Enhanced Stability Performance (ESP) increases the user’s confidence and independence, reducing the risk of stumbles or falls and ensuring more balanced limb loading for greater long term health and protection.

ESP adapts hydraulic resistance in real time, providing optimal stance support whether walking in a crowded environment, on uneven terrain, slopes, steps and now also when standing. With situational awareness, Orion3 continuously monitors the user’s activity and responds accordingly for greater safety.

Natural Efficient Motion

An optional feature designed to provide a higher resistance to stance flexion when sudden deceleration occurs and causes the knee to be unstable. This provides the user with increased support resulting in more control and stability.

*Studies have shown the reduced physiological cost of walking, with reduction in energy expenditure by up to 20% – please refer to our clinical compendium for further details.

Orion3 is an advanced microprocessor controlled hydraulic knee with the following features:

  • Charges overnight
  • Easy-to check battery level
  • Flexion lock and cycling modes
  • 3 years standard warranty, 6-year extended warranty
  • 20-month servicing intervals

SAFETY FEATURES: The knee constantly monitors and adapts to help keep the patient safe in a wide variety of situations. It offers variable cadence and progressively increases resistance as it flexes to help downstairs or as a patient sits. It switches to stumble recovery mode the moment the knee stops flexing.

STANDING SUPPORT: Standing support stabilises the knee on the flat or slopes for better posture and balanced loading

UNIQUE PNEUMATIC SWING:  Reduces effort and gives a smooth extension and a more symmetrical gait across a variety of speeds, with hydraulic stance for support

BATTERY LIFE:  Fits in with the patient's life - with a long battery life of 3 days and magnetic charging connector.

Orion3 Programming App

With its simple to follow automated smart programming, simply connect via Bluetooth and program in just a few walking steps.

Prosthetists will also have access to advanced fine tuning and are able to save and restore settings.

This app is for clinicians who have completed a Blatchford approved training course and requires an authorisation code:

  1. Download the app from the App Store, search for “Orion3”.
    If using an iPad please choose “iPhone Only” when searching.
  2. On first use, send the 8 digit “Authorisation Request Code” to your Blatchford representative.
  3. Enter the 12 digit code provided by your Blatchford representative into the app.
  4. Start programming Orion3!

For support questions please contact Blatchford Technical Support at [email protected]

* Compatible with all models of iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS v9 or later.

Orion App

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