Community Engagement is the Continuous Objective of Blatchford

Posted on 13 March 2023

Blatchford understands the need for support, not just from the prosthesis but also the people. 

Losing a limb is no doubt an isolating situation. Like other forms of trauma, it can take on many different forms in our life, but amputation has a very physical representation. Blatchford is aware of the strain that comes with this life-changing event, and for over a century, has been committed to helping others improve their lives through mobility.   

Blatchford Prosthetics 

As a prosthetic manufacturer, Blatchford does not believe in operating for the sole purpose of replacing limbs. Our objectives are to reimagine life for those affected by limb loss. The products designed are constantly being innovated to better improve their biomimicry. Each prosthesis is worked on with the intention to make it as comfortable and functional for the patient as possible.  

Beyond manufacturing, our clinicians go through training to help patients feel comfortable with their prosthetic limb which is crucial to the ongoing journey for amputees and their families. Their own goals align with Blatchford as well as the patient, as everyone is seeking to create the best possible outcome through mobility, function, and comfort after amputation.  

However, all these efforts are only the beginning steps, as Blatchford constantly works to stay engaged with communities, and find support where they can. We recognise that this journey is not one that can be done alone and are dedicated to connecting communities with fellow amputees and caregivers that know what the experience is like. Because of the levels of support given, many of the people that engage with Blatchford express a feeling of belonging to a family.  

More Than Just a Prosthetic Leg 

Blatchford takes pride in their family and the care we give each patient. There is a tangible difference that can be made through our customer’s clinics, the prosthetists care, our care, our products, and the supportive communities around the globe. 

If you or someone you care for is looking for motivation or additional help on their mobility journey, we encourage you to take steps to regularly attend Physical Therapy appointments and mental health counselling, staying as active as possible, and finding online support groups. 

There are many different groups available, both public and private, on Facebook, Reddit, and others that can provide a solid community and support. Sometimes these groups consist of people that specialise in these areas that can offer additional advice. Other group members are typically fellow amputees that are facing similar challenges. No one should have to go through this journey alone, and you don’t have to. Blatchford and the amputee community are here for you always. 

Go to our Community Support and Resources page to start. See which ones speak to you!