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Keeping the Whole Person at Heart

The Best Outcome for Every Patient

For over 130 years, our focus has been about achieving the best outcome possible for every patient that uses our product. We support orthotic and prosthetic clinics around the world as they provide the best solutions for patient mobility.

Our holistic approach to product design centres around the whole person and not just their mobility limitation. We want every patient to get the most out of their life, while helping them care for their health long-term. 

Individualised Mobility Solutions for Lower Limb Amputees

We design mobility solutions that respond to an individual's needs, creating the opportunity for them to reach their full potential.

Whether mobility means getting out into the garden, spending time with family or enjoying a round of golf, we endeavour to make mobility possible.

Replicating Nature to Support a Healthy Future

Lower limb amputees can face health issues long after amputation. Considering and managing these issues are crucial to the sustained health of every patient.

Lower limb amputees have an increased risk of osteoarthritis and are more likely to have back pain. Long-term musculoskeletal health depends on the close replication of natural limb movement.

Our technology, or "biomimetic engineering" or "biomimicry", (mimicking nature), or mimicking the natural foot, allows for this replication to help alleviate some of these types of possible symptoms. 


We Keep the Whole Person at Heart

It is always about the quality of life we support with our exceptional designs and innovative technology. We see beyond mobility to ensure our products and services deliver against our customers’ and clinicians’ expectations for the life they want to live.

Biological Anke Foot And Energy Storing And Return Prosthetic Foot

We design mobility solutions that respond to an individual’s needs, creating an opportunity for them to reach their full potential.

Echelon (1)

Introducing Echelon

Biomimetic hydraulic ankle control and split toe
for stability on uneven or sloping terrain.


• Independent hydraulic control of plantar and dorsi-flexion
• Biomimetic design simulates natural ankle motion
• Toe up for swing through clearance
• Natural toe position for sitting
• e-carbon heel and toe springs
• Elegant and compact for cosmetic finish
• Sandal Toe Foot Shell

Foot Shell and Glide Sock included.