Amputee Stretching (2)

Innovation and Best in Class

High Tech. High Quality. High Touch.

Our focus is on connecting our technology to your life and tailoring each step, stride, or jump with real-time feedback to improve your activity.

Every Patient is Unique

We work with prosthetists worldwide whose patients are at different activity levels, or K-Levels. Some patients are simply striving for better daily balance, the ability to stand/sit easier or to move from room to room without worrying about tripping or falling. We understand these concerns and are here to work with your prosthetist to solve those challenges. 

Other patients wish to become more active and return to work or regular activities. They may want a solution that allows them to walk further, spend more time with family or friends, or go back to a job with a high level of physical activity.

Performance-Response Technology (PRT)

Blatchford prosthetics are engineered with the knowledge that every patient is unique. Our prosthetics incorporate performance-response technology, the next generation of biomimicry prosthetics (a practice that mimics nature to solve human design challenges), which can make standing or moving feel natural again.



By considering the natural function of the limb and replacing its structure through a unique combination of design elements, Blatchford biomimetic hydraulic technology provides greater safety and a more natural walking experience.

We constructively challenge the standard in prosthetics. We strive to innovate deliberately and improve how we deliver the best product and real value to our customers and partners.

Linx Transparent

Introducing Linx

Fully integrated, microprocessor controlled lower limb system for above knee amputees.

Key Features

• Situational Awareness - Integrated sensors continuously collect data to seamlessly adapt the limb’s response.
• Varying levels of stance resistance to optimise safety at all times:
    - Standing support
    - Supported sitting
    - Controlled stance support
    - Stumble recovery
    - Dynamic stair descent
    - Dynamic slope descent
• Cycling Mode and Fixed Angle Flexion Lock Mode
• Knee Flexion to 130°
• Intuitive Programming Software via PC or App
• Up to 3 days battery life
• Sandal Toe Foot Shell